Cannonball Training

Trying to entertain and be educational

LOL, I though this was going to be a parody of kettlebells or something… Seems dangerous to squat drunk and your form’s going to shit…

Very educational…

In for the lulz

lol “drop set number one!”

Is this you, Emergency? Does this guy not own a shirt?

i don’t get it, is it a joke?

and is the guy a bit retarded? Serious question

It’s for the lulz!

Some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen.

[quote]Emergency wrote:
It’s for the lulz! [/quote]

So it is you?

yeah its me

[quote]Emergency wrote:
yeah its me[/quote]

prouda you

what do you think about the last one?

[quote]Emergency wrote:
what do you think about the last one?[/quote]

I thought you were going to do triceps & shoulders…I just saw shoulders with the overhead press.

Keep em coming