Canned Tuna Recipes

how does every one eat their canned tuna?


[quote]brunottfn wrote:
how does every one eat their canned tuna?[/quote]

1 can tuna + 1 tbsp olive oil + 1 tbsp fish oil + salt/pepper

I like mustard in mine when just eaten by itself. For something larger, mix in a bit of salsa and throw the mess into a hollowed out half-bell pepper, it’s like a sandwich of meat and veggies. I have found spinach is good as well, although you may not agree (I happen to eat some odd things with my spinach, like peanut butter and wasabi.)

Cottage Cheese, Tuna, Bowl, Fork, Eat.

can of tuna + salsa = DELICIOUS

Out of the damn can. Plain.


I don’t, but I eat canned salmon straight up. $2 at Meijer for a 15 oz. (that’s almost a pound) can of wild Alaskan pink salmon!! 7g of omega-3 per a can.

"Can"t be beat! Fuck tuna. (two puns)

Tuna + beaten egg + A1 sauce + oregano/thyme then fried into a patty with olive oil (both sides).

Doesn’t taste too bad.

Salt, tabasco. Or straight out of the can.

Drain the water out, mix in a bowl with salad cream (not sure if you get this in US, its like mayo mixed with salad dressing) and strong mature cedar cheese.

Grate the cheese and mix it all up.

get the sunflower oil tuna in a pouch, it tastes great just straight up. even my roommate who cant even smell regular tuna can eat it

toss a can of tuna in a saute pan with some olive oil, lemon zest (just run the outside of the lemon rind over a fine grater, try to avoid the white pith underneath, all you want is the yellow part), garlic, and fresh parsely. Saute it for a minute or two, just until the garlic starts to brown and the tuna’s hot. Throw in a cup of cooked whole wheat pasta, toss it all together and serve with fresh lemon juice (from the one you zested earlier, see, no waste;)) and fresh grated parmigiano reggiano. mmmm.

bon appetite,

Tuna and cottage cheese mixed? I can’t imagine that being even remotely enjoyable.

I use a little honey mustard plus old bay (it’s an East Coast Seasoning)

good as hell…