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Canned Pumpkin Is Awesome

I know one of the authors mentioned it in a recent article on here and I thought I’d try it. It’s awesome. Here’s the stats:

1/2 cup
40 kcal
5 g fiber
2 g protein

Throw a half cup in with a scoop of Choc. Metabolic Drive and some splenda. If you’re trying to cut, this should be a staple; it’s very filling and low cal. Cheers!

Its great with cottage cheese, flax meal, cinnamon (and splenda if you crave sweetness)

Sometimes ill add choc evopro too, good stuff.

I love it in my cottage cheese.

It goes great in a vanilla protein shake along with some cinnamon.

I use it in smoothies…it’s pretty decent.

I add it in with my morning shakes. It is very filling.

It’s awesome for making Anabolic Pumpkin Pie a la GetSwole. I just made mine, and its amazing. Check out the “Perfect Milkshake” Thread to read about it

I tried it last night with just pumpkin and cottage cheese w/ splenda & cinnamon… wasn’t all that great.

If I could make love to a can of pumpkin, I would.

I freeze it in icecube trays for later use in shakes.

i put a quarter to half cup in a mix of sauteed beef, sweet potato, carrot, celery, add some vegetable broth or sweet potato bisque type soup, with a good curry powder and plenty of salt and pepper. it complements spicy curry type flavors very well and is very nutritious