Canned Fish

I’ve been eating tuna right out of the can for years. I assume it’s already cooked or if it’s not that it doesn’t matter, because that’s how everybody uses it.

Is canned salmon the same? Do you have to cook it or is it good right out of the can?

Also being a poor student and seeing how cheap I can buy canned salmon would there be any ill effects to eating a whole can of the stuff every day (or 4-5 days a week). I think the entire can has about 600 calories, 80-some grams of protein and a good amount of healthy fat.

I eat it all the time (fellow poor student), there’s nothing wrong with it. There’s the same mercury concerns as with tuna, if I recall correctly, so make sure to eat other stuff and ‘ease into it.’

You don’t have to cook it. It’s a tasty substitute for tunafish, too. Try tinned chickenbreast, as well – that stuff’s good.

Great stuff, just watch the mercury (as stated above) and salt levels. I used to rinse my tuna with tap water. Don’t know if this affected the oils at all. Just ask John Berardi, apparently he lived off the stuff. He even cited a gourmet canned fish supplier in San Francisco.

Thanks for the tips. I looked up a mercury article here on T-Nation. Apparently supplementing with N-acetylcystine helps protect against any mercury so I think I’ll try and find some of this at a local store.

You’re right there’s a lot of sodium but I think that’s always going to be true with canned food. The entire can has about 75% of the RDA for sodium. I had noticed this but it has some cholesterol as well. I’m actually glad to see that. It’s just a hunch but I have a suspicion that getting some cholesterol from food is healthy.

I think this canned salmon might be the best value for some healthy, ‘clean’ food out there. I suppose that mackerel is cheaper but I never cared for that kind of fish.