Canned Chicken?

Everyone seems to eat canned tuna but I have never heard anything about canned chicken. Does anyone eat this stuff?

I do.

The taste is fine to me. I add a bit of salt and pepper and it’s great.

It’s a great way to get a good bit of protein down fast.


There can be a significant added amount of sodium in some brands so be aware. Not as fresh but good in a pinch.

I eat the cans of chicken from Costco. Mix it up with some pepper, and a healthy fat (for me, it’s an avocado) and enjoy. 65 grams of protein in about 3.7 minutes. Good times.

Canned chicken taste alright. As the previous post have stated, it is good for a quick meal. The biggest set back to canned chicken is the price. The cans are pretty expensive and the quality is not that of fresh chicken breasts. Since the chicken is cut up pretty fine, I have found it good to make a quick meal of BBQ.

I use it to make chili – I rinse it in a collander to get rid of any floating fat chunks (it’s only 99% fat free, after all) and the extra sodium. BTW, I think home-made chicken chili with veggies and beans is a darn good protein/carb meal.

I’ll add in what everyone else said, good but expensive, and watch out for the sodium