Cannabis and hgh

I like to smoke pot . So sue me . I also want to use secretagogue one to stimulate growth hormone . Anybody know if the cannabis will inhibit the effects of the supplement . I’m not a heavy smoker at all . Mainly a weekend thing .

Well, if secretagogue one of those legal “GH releasers” and therefore doesn’t work worth a shit to begin with, I’d say your weed is no problem. Remember, even real injected GH is considered worthless for BB purposes by many experts. Even Lee Priest said it did nothing for him. So why do so many people think some legal GH product is going to work? Hey, starvation increases GH; why don’t you just stop eating for a few days? You’ll be hyooooge! :slight_smile:

You’d be better off spending your fifty bucks on a quarter ounce of green weed.

no but it will cause gyno with high levels of test!