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Cannabis and Gains?

I smoke about once a week and i also drink after smoking on Saturday night. I don’t workout on Sunday but i sleep so fucking bad. Not only am i in bed at 3-4am, but the quality is so bad and i feel like shit the day after. Do you think weed and alcohol is hurting my gains?

Are you trying to look a bit better or be Mr Universe?

If you want to look better and get some of the benefits of resistance training then its probably no big deal. If you are looking to get the absolute best out of yourself then you could probablyget further without it.

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Are you just toking up and having a few beers or going at it like Keith Moon?

The former isn’t bad, but the latter isn’t good. Either way, if you don’t feel well afterwards, then why bother?

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Not gonna lie, I read the title as “Cannibalism and Gains?”


Are you saying your sleep is bad in general or just on the Saturday nights when you smoke?

I you’re sleep is affected by smoking pot, then yes, it’s hurting you. Otherwise, I doubt the pot has any adverse affect on your training. The only adverse affect would be breathing in the smoke, which nobody should do. Edible or sublingual forms would be a much better choice.


The devil went down to Jamacia

Lack of sleep will hurt your gains and general health. Give up the pot too.

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I’ll take ‘questions you already know the answer to’ for $500 Alex.

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So you really smoke and drink almost everyday? I am psychoanalyzing your post. Is it hurting your gains? Well the alcohol likely doesn’t help. But you can still make gains and have fun too. Like someone said, if your training to be elite, then you need to clean up.
If your goal is to be better than average, then you can still accomplish that doing what your doing.

lol, That’s a great scene.

Edibles or sublingual don’t give as good a buzz. Water-bong, one hit, that’s it.

My thoughts: anything you are doing that makes you “feel like shit the day after” is not doing your gains, longterm health, or quality of life any favors.

That said, a moderate amount of alcohol/weed could fit into the lifestyle of someone who trains and wants to see results.

I guess I’m just sensitive or whatever, but I have to like lay completely down on my back and relax when edibles come into play. Try not to focus on why it sounds like my dog is speaking Chinese lol

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Thanks for anwers fellas! Decided to give up both the alcohol and weed, quit about 3 weeks ago. Feels great!

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Certainly, weed and alcohol will negate any gains made in the gym. Remember the body needs to do quite a number of things after exercising including muscle synthesis, restoration of fluid levels, and replenishing glycogen. It is true that alcohol will increase the rate at which you produce urine which slows down the rate at which the body rehydrates. It affects performance and post-workout recovery. Too much alcohol before a workout may suppress the nervous system and impair your motor skills, reaction to time, balance and even judgment. It will certainly affect your performance.