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Canelo vs. Josecito? On CBS?

If this actually happens, at 154 does anyone think Lopez has a chance? It seems like Golden Boy really wants to make a fight opposite of Top Ranks Martinez/Chavez.

Free fights, I’m always a fan.

Alvarez whoops his ass. I didn’t watch the fight but I heard Ortiz was beating him before his jaw got broke, so I’m putting all my money on Alvarez.

Kid’s nasty, no doubt. He gets hit a lot, and his defense ain’t all that great, but against Lopez that won’t matter.

I’d love to see a good banger of a fight put on CBS during prime time… put boxing right back where it should be.

I watched the Ortiz fight and Alvarez is game, it was pretty close either way. I just don’t think he can get up to 154. He looked small against Ortiz.