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This is random...

I have to answer the question as to what type of candy would I be and why.

I have a few ideas...but I know some of you are very creative, so I'll take any suggestions.


Sherbet dib dab


Everlasting Gobstopper?


M&M....tough and colourful on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside.



Three Musketeers!


A Skittle ( Taste the rainbow baby )


I think you'd be some kind of truffle.....carefully made, thoughtfully decorated, and nice to look at (no I'm not hitting on you!, but you do look fabulous!)!


Judging by the boxing gloves, I would say a Jawbreaker, the kind of candy that is hard, sweet, and I could suck on for a day! :wink:



I would have to try some first before I could tell you...




This is the myspace getting to you huh?

I'd have to say Fireballs. They're hot.



Is this for a college class?

I just can't imagine why you'd have to answer that for anything other than a creative thinking class or something like that.

Are you trying to get other people to do your home-work for you?

Tell your instructor that you wouldn't be any kind of candy because it's over-processed, addicting and has no nutritional benefit.


It's for a question I must answer for a benefit that I may be attending at the playboy mansion in June. It's called "Kandyland" and I'd love to be an edible bodypainted girl. It is for Carmen Electra's "Head to Hollywood" and I'd LOVE to meet her. It's kind of like Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka...6 feet tall candycanes, chocolate rivers, etc. So far... this what I have is below. To me, they are corny and lame, so feel free to suggest more. Given the situation, I have to come up with something somewhat flirty and original. Thanks SOOOOO much you guys!

I am laffy taffy because I?m smooth, easy to like and I always have a joke ready to lighten the mood. I can be a bit hard to chew because most bite off more than can handle.

Pop Rocks. I have a very explosive personality and I?m always full of surprises. I?m rare and a bit old fashioned; you just can?t find someone like me everyday. Just when you think you?ve had enough of me, you come back for more.

I am Conversation Hearts. I?m very sociable and I am not afraid to get to the point; I?m extremely sweet yet sassy at times. People are always happy to see me; There never seems to be enough of me to go around.

Ring Pop Candy. I can make anything or anyone look good. I?ll always stay close by your side and give you a sweet ?pick me up? if you need it. I?m smooth and sweet to the core. I?m usually more than what you bargained for.

A health bar. Not a regular candy bar that you may eat and regret there after, but rather the kind that is good for you while still satisfying your craving for something sweet. I am sure I would do any guy?s body good?


Um...eye candy?



Isn't that the name of a paper towel? "The quicker picker-upper?"

Oh, never mind...


Ok, how's this:

"Almond Joy"


Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don't.


Say hi to Heff for me.


Edible panties.


Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans.


i have a couple...

im like an m&m - small, perfectly formed, colourfull (you could slap you ass after saying this part, or bite your finger etc etc) and melt in your mouth, not your hand! - you could also play on the whole 'being soft on the inside, taste me inside thing.' If thats naughty enough.

or yorkie bars (We have em here in England) - there slogan is 'not for girls' - lol.