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Candy post-workout?

I was wondering what the word is on having sugary fat-free candies post-workout. Jelly beans, Skittles, fuzzy peaches for example. Maybe in addition to a protein shake. If we’re agreed that we want a quick source of high GI carbs in our system (in addition to the protein shake), candy seems perfect here. Am I missing something here?

I think jelly beans would be a good post workout snack. I’ve read that its GI is well over 100. I don’t know about the others. Isn’t fuzzy peaches a mixed drink :wink: ? If you buy into John Berardi’s latest findings (I do myself), then you should eat a certain quantity and ratio of carbs and an easily absorbed protein source such as hydrolyzed whey. If you missed the post workout shake rage of late, do a search on the last few issues.

Now that you mention it, a lot of professional sports teams serve jelly beans during halftime. Anyway, I suppose that a drawback could be that sucrose is actually moderate-high glycemic index, as opposed to the very-high GI of glucose, dextrose, maltodextrin, etc. And many bodybuilders want a lot_ of carbs very quickly–100 g, 200 g, or whatever. That’s a lot of Skittles. But personally, I’m with you: I’d rather eat something that I enjoy than drink some syrupy or pasty liquid. Skittles would be OK, but they would take me too long to eat. My faves lately have been Hostess Low-Fat Cinnamon Crumb Cakes (3 cakes=270 calories, 15 cal. of fat) and York Peppermint Patties (very low fat). If you can get Entemanns bakery products, they make a full line of fatfree items; the brownies are incredible. An English muffin with jelly is also good, and almost completely fatfree (and cheap, too boot). I mix up my whey protein shake with a quarter pack of sugarfree pudding and a couple of packs of aspartame, so along with my carb snack, I really satisfy my sweet tooth. Much better than some bland all-in-one macronutrient shake.

We all wish we could eat candy for carbs, but I think honestly that all of know that we could be eating something with less sugar. I beleive these complex sugars will promote fat growth. Also, in the world of body building I think we all know that anything that tastes good, we probably should not be eating it.

“We all wish we could eat candy for carbs, but I think honestly that all of know that we could be eating something with less sugar. I beleive these complex sugars will promote fat growth.” Did you go to dieticians school??? Anyways sugar is very good for a post workout meal, remeber high amounts of insulin after a workout = anabolic. But most candies are made with sucrose (fructose - glucose polymer) a slower sugar. Therefore candies with sucrose is best suited with a whey drink, but not a drink containing hydrolysate whey. In this instance you would want a fast acting sugar that is absorbed as quickly as the hydro. On the other hand you would want a slower surgar, sucrose or maltodextrin, that would match well with whey. Any other time of the day candies are worthless but post workout they can be essential. You might want to check the ingredients of the candies to match the sugars accordingly.

Hey Tanner, this is post workout not anytime carbs. IMO it is great to eat candies and cakes post workout as your carb source. In fact, I encourage people who have a sweet tooth or trouble following a reasonable diet to enjoy the sugary snacks (low fat of course) they like immediately after a workout. They get to satisfy their cravings and replenish their muscles with glycogen all at once. Not everyone “loves” working out like the regulars here do. Sometimes you need to find a way to “trick” people into sticking to a good lifting program and sensible diet. Of course, they shouldn’t go overboard on the carbs (pre set limit is good) and a protein shake in addition to the sweets is essential.

Well said, HyaSynth. I am using standard whey protein (not hydrolyzed) in my recovery shake. I have it first, then shower, dress, get in the car and start driving home. This gives the standard protein more time to be digested. Then, I like to enjoy a snack food to stimulate the insulin. I was eating a pop tart and a Mountain dew and after all the comments here on this forum, switched to animal crackers and grape juice (Welch’s, my favorite!). The emphasis is on fat-free, simple carbs for more rapid absorption. I can definitely feel the warm insulin rush more after the switch. It’s a delight to take the sugars in the form of an enjoyable food. - Nylo

Actually, smarties or sweet-tarts (same thing) are made up of half maltodextrin and half dextrose. The other good thing is that they cost just a fraction more than the stuff you buy over the internet or at wine suppliers (at least at my grocery store). Also, they are very convenient to take with you and eat while you work out unlike a drink. I get such an awesome pump when I munch on these in between sets. They also taste really good, and best of all, it is about the best thing you can have post-workout.

BurritoJimmy, are you the same guy that’s pissing everyone off on Pavel Tsatsouline’s Dragon Door forum? If so, I’m surprised you posted something of value here. Cool.

This time last year I took to throwing down a good serving of whey right after working out (full of glucose powder as well), and then scarfing down as many jelly-beans as I possibly could! (I remember Dan Duchaine saying jelly beans were high on the GI [I think in BodyOpus], and they’re chockers full of glucose, so…) In the end it was my best growth phase ever! Although I tend to think it was the fact that I was simply eating so much. Turns out there’s like 100 calories in 6-7 jelly beans!!! And I’d aim for “at least” over 50 a time! It was great, and I’d get heaps of wierd looks too - leaving the gym feeding my face full of jelly beans. Now I’m a bit more regulated and strict about what I eat, but the underlying structure is still good and my weight is shooting up like a stuck cat!