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Candito Program and Cutting?

Hello all. I am trying to drop some body fat and love handles and am looking for a strength program to follow. I am an intermediate lifter and have ran the candito 6 week program before and loved it. For the fat loss process I was wondering if I could do this program again while on a fat loss approach diet. I also want to add in some conditioning on off days as well. Is this program too much volume during fat loss? If so, what’s the best program or recommended program to do while cutting fat. Thanks in advance.

This would be superior…

Yes, you can run it on a deficit - Candito has done it himself.

Thank you for sharing this. I’ll definitely read up on it. Where did the original program come from?

If you’re already taxing your recovery by limiting food intake, I don’t feel like it would make much sense to further tax recovery by adding in conditioning.

A good approach is, if you want to add to training, you add to recovery. If you want to take away from recovery, you take away from training. Save the conditioning for when you are gaining weight.