Candito Intermediate Program... Thoughts?

To start, I am an intermediate lifter and I have been training conjugate for several months. At some point, I would like to start on a real program, and I wanted opinions on the Candito program. My goals are really just getting stronger. Please just leave your thoughts, thanks!

If you are looking for just pure brutal strength I would recommend a variation of 5/3/1 (there are literally too many to list). There are a multitude of ways to incorporate jumps, cleans, sprints, the works; it is really the best holistic approach to strength training I can think of. I will say that if you are looking lifting to supplement a sport, the Juggernaut method might be for you.

The Candito program is something I would run in-season, just because of it’s high specificity.

For just general strength, Candito does not offer an overhead movement as a main staple, which I take issue with, as it is most certainly the best test of upper body strength. In addition, the deadlift volume is extremely low, AND follows your squat work. From the deadlift point of view, the program is very dependent on your squat driving your deadlift, and the lifter not needing much practice with it.

My personal experience with the program yielded great results with the squat, but mediocre at best results with bench and deadlift.

As with any program, it will work if you buy into it, but I would not recommend it for “just getting stronger”.

This is a powerlifting forum… why are we talking about cleans ??

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

I agree with @khmccarthy. I did like the Candito program for the month or so that I tried it. It is simple, quick workouts and extremely specific to powerlifting.
I jumped ~35lbs on my squat PR during this time. My bench ~5lbs and hard to tell for my deadlift since I switched to Sumo for this program as it seemed to be less stressful for my lower back.

Because cleans help with explosiveness in squat and deadlift, and help develop musculature in the shoulders/upper back which is fantastic for the off season.

Candito Intermediate Program is a great program. Tried and true and has been proven by a bunch of people time after time.

So has 5/3/1 but if you’re a powerlifter (I’m assuming you are since you’re here) go with 5/3/1 for Powerlifting (duh) no need to even look at the other templates, he made one for this exact purpose. Don’t do 5/3/1 just because you can incorporate cleans, jumps, sprints, etc. if your goals are strictly powerlifting and strength related though.

The six week program is awesome, I was able to put 15-20 pounds on each of my lifts after each six week cycle. I have a young training age but that’s still really good, I’d definitely recommend it even if you just run it for one cycle.

Am I the only one thinking this sounds like a joke? I’m not a massive “conjugate” / Westside fan, or at least I don’t train that way, but to suggest this Candito routine is a “REAL” program and the conjugate method is NOT is ridiculous… Surely?

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my understanding of training is the only real or best program is the next one you do
keep reading it gets worse