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Candito Candito 6 Week Strength Program, Explanation Please!


Candito Candito Candito.
Im an 18 years old powerlifter , just won 2nd place in all juniors in Israel.
Took a week and a half off and im going to run Candito Candito 6 Week Strength Program, read the linear and it was okay, now i downloaded the intermediate one and i understand shit! watched a video and still… i dont get it when should i do 5 days a week and when 4 and how should i manage the sets where i can find the explantion for this:
Week 1 ­ Muscular Conditioning
Week 2 ­ Hypertrophy
Week 3 ­ Linear Max OT
Week 4 ­ Heavy Weight Acclimation/Explosiveness
Week 5 ­ Intense Strength Training
Week 6 ­ Deload (optional).
Any help of the program template with sets reps and everything please!?

Powerlifting Specific for a Raw Teen Lifter

Do you not have the spreadsheet? It is pretty clear on what needs to be done. If not, google it, pretty easy to find.


Did you get it from his site? If so, the pdf should also have a spreadsheet right underneath it. As mentioned above - the spreadsheet makes it very clear.