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Cancun or Italia?


Alright guys, its my last spring break and Im torn on what to do..I have done the traditional college spring break before in acapulco and it was one of the best times of my life.

I was going to do Cancun this year, BUT I have a friend studying abroad in Italy and he has offered to tour italy with me.

So I am asking you guys, what would you do if you were in my position?





Italy. But that's me.

Look, you're talking about totally different kinds of experiences. Cancun is recreation, lots of scantily clad women, etc. There is some history there to explore, but that's probably not what you'll be doing. Cancun is for partying.

I'm sure you'd party some in Italy, but you'd be seeing the world, learning some history, and nourishing your mind and soul.

I do enjoy recreational vacations, but they aren't the ones that you remember for the rest of your life.










I always choose the further place, but that's just me.


I spent a semester in Rome, and went to just about every notable city in Italy minus Pompeii and Pisa.

Drunk sorostitutes are readily available at home. You won't be shirtless 24/7, but go to Italy.

PS -- Plenty of English/non-English speaking women in Italy that are more than willing to have a good time (just...uh... watch your wallet)


Nephorm is right. Two different types of vacations.

Personally, I like the vacation where I am sitting by the pool and have a little Mexican man fetching me drinks.

I can get culture on the Discovery Channel. I can't get drunk from watching TV.

But that's just me.


Cancun of course


Italy. You'd be a fool to go to Cancun.

Let me qualify that by saying this, I've been to Cancun and it's a good time, but definitely overrated. It's very Americanized there as well so don't expect anything else.


I have been to both and I will say that Italy will be much more expensive considering exchange rates and such. If you go to Cancun, you should head south to Playa del Carmen to get away from the crowds.

Actually, the Yucatan is very rich in history and there is a lot to do. However, you cannot beat The Vatican or Florence for art and history. If you go to Italy, you can visit the beach, also. We spent a day on the Mediterranean which was comparable to the Caribbean.

Getting drunk in Europe is very easy. They have Absinth.


Nevada also has Absinthe. Why would you want to go to Cancun to get away from the crowds? Isn't that why he would be going...to party?


Cancun. Here's why...

I've been to both, and both are a awesome. As a few have said here, they're totally different.

But here's the breaker for you...

You're young enough to enjoy the decadence of Cancun. Pretty soon you wont be. Cancun is only cool and enjoyable (in the teenage summertime hijinks way)up to a certain age, maybe very early 20's. Past that, you're just an old man in Cancun.

Italy on the other hand will be there until you die 80 years form now. You'll never get too old for it, and you'll have plenty of stuff to do no matter how old you are.

Take it from me, Cancun all the way. 5 years from now, the Cancun as in Girls Gone Wild will be out of your age limit. Italy will always be there.


You can't get real absinthe in North America. The stuff here is not the same as the stuff in Prague.


I mean you could just drink 151 or everclear. Absinthe doesn't make you hallucinate it's just very strong liquor.

If you are going to drink absinthe though you've gotta ask if the place has a pipe for you to drink it from. It's a glass pipe that looks kind of like a bubbler or a sherlock holmes pipe that your grandpa might have smoked out of. They put the drink in there and light it on fire and then you drink it while the liquor is still burning. You stop drinking it before you get to the fire though (obviously), this is made easier by the fact that the pipe is bent and the liquor is easy to stop. It tastes like shit and will burn you from the inside out, but if you're gonna drink absinthe don't be a pussy about it.