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Cancun, Mexico....


Hey guys,

I'm off on holiday to Cancun (from the UK) soon and was just wondering if anyone can point me towards a decent gym out there (I'm going to try and get a few workouts in) preferably with air conditioning (I struggle to train in the heat) and also a pharmacy (I don't think we're allowed to post address's so if someone could PM me that would be great) where I can buy pins and test to do my HRT shots. I've got some blister packed adex so I'll take that with me and skip HCG for the two weeks.

I suppose I could just take some pins and test vials with me but I'd feel more comfortable just buying it out there seeing as its readily available just so I can avoid any potential complications if my bags do get searched.

Thanks in advance guys...


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Amigo! I'm off in a week, I'll speak to you before then anyway; might have to try and buy a bottle of test suspension whilst I'm out there :wink:


I wuold not trust a pharmacy in Cancun at all. Its the biggest tourist location in the country. But that's just me.


My doctor gave me a travel letter that states I'm prescribed testosterone and may be carrying pre-loaded syringes. You could probably get something similar from yours. I'd bring your own meds vs. trusting a dodgy Mexican pharmacy...People fly with injectable meds all the time, I wouldn't fret about it.


All i did was ask 'where can i buy injectable testosterone?' and i got my post pulled and a warning from mods... i really dont get the rules here if you can blatantly ask like that and no mod says nothing. maybe i did not phrase it right - can anyone help me?

hgh is NOT a steroid could anyone possibly pm with a story of how "their friend" obtains it, i just want to be entertained as im writing a script for a tv show about this topic (u must not think that [I'M ACTUALLY TRYING TO BUY SOME])...thankyou.


Thanks guys. Fuck it: I'll just take some of my vials and a few pins with me.


Good call I would bring my own if I had a prescription. Lots of Farmacia's all over the place there but in Cancun you are likely to get burned badly. You can buy any prescription drug you want but they will charge you out the ass for. If you donĂ¢??t know Spanish good luck getting what you actually want.


I prescribed myself HRT so I don't have a prescription but I'm in the UK where test is legal, and its legal in Mexico so I am not operating outside of the Law at least. If it were Thailand or India I wouldn't be at all concerned I just wanted to eliminate the possibility of any potential complications that may arise from a bag search on the way there, which could fuck up my holiday.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


This isnt a source board. Plain and simple. There are a half dozen forums that allow source posting. By all means, go there.