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Cancer Prevention and Recovery

This question is to Mike Marhler or any t-mag writers. Is there any scientific research on exercise and cancer for prevention and recovery? How should you train if you have cancer?

Try Mercola’s website and type “exercise cancer” in the search box. It will bring up some articles on cancer and exercise. From there, you’ll have a large list of references if you want to dig deeper and get more information. He’s at mercola.com.

Fitone-Sorry to hear the bad news. We may not all see eye-to-eye in terms of training, diet, and supplementation theories, but I certainly hope that all T-Men and T-Vixens are pulling for each other in situations like this.

That being said, we had a conversation on this very issue in a Fitness Evaluation and Prescription class I took. The general consensus among the students (who busted their butts researching it) and the prof (a RCEP) was that there isn’t enough concrete data available to make specific recommendations simply because cancerous conditions run the gamet in terms of severity. Some people are almost asymptomatic; some really get knocked for a loop. As such, it seems that the logical approach is to make exercise intensity, frequency, and duration symptom-limited. You’ll need to experiment and see how you feel, as everyone is different. I’m willing to bet that the fact that you’re in good shape and have made exercise a habit will increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to keep working hard in the gym! Plus, given my history of serious physical illness, I always found that I made better progress in my recovery when I was able to exercise, as it boosted my spirits. You cannot doubt the importance of being emotionally content and feeling “normal” in overcoming an illness.

An excellent read for the relationship between cancer (or any disease/disability) and exercise is “ACSM’s Exercise Management for Persons With Chronic Diseases and Disabilities.” I highly recommend picking up a copy; it’ll help you with your personal health issues and prepare you more for clients with chronic diseases and disabilities.

Best of luck with your recovery.

I really do not know much about this topic, but I would recommend that you contact the Optimum Health Institute. Just do a web search on yahoo and the site will come up.

Would it be possible that T-mag does an article on this topic. I think the are more and more people out there that are getting cancer and people that don’t would like info on how to prevent it.

This book is a must read for anyone who has or know someone who has cancer. It is called “Recalled to Life” by Dr.Anthony J. Sattilaro. He was diagnosed with with terminal cancer. His chance meeting with a couple of “hippies” led him to the Japanese style or macrobiotic diet(mostly vegetarian). His cancer disappeared. My mother just recently battled and won against cancer.She went from 1 1/2 years to live to being cancer free. She also made radical changes in diet (actually she just went back to eating the foods she grew up with. The book is out of print, however you can still find copies online.

I am going through Cancer right now I was diagnosed in august 10, 2001. I thought it was over in march 2001 when I went through chemo and the cells were killed off. But it came back this Sept 2002. And I am getting a diffrent type a chemo a more aggresive treatment. I have lymphoma but he’s treating it like I have lukemia. Supposedly the doc says that the cancer is gone. But I still have to go through radiation treatment and more chemo.

Is your mother’s diet consist of mostly soy product such as tufo, veggies, fish and chicken. Does she stay away from Red meat? Also does she work-out?

Just curious

By they why forgot to congrats to you mom’s I hope its free for good!!! By the way did you read Lance Amstrong autobiography? What an insprational book. Its from the heart because everything he went through I feel the same ups and downs. Thats also a must read for people with cancer or someone that knows someone that is going through it, especially someone close

Fitone-Mercola’s site has good info on dealing with disease. Lance Armstrong also wrote a book and there is a lot of info about him on the net. He beat it and excelled at his sport. YOU WILL TOO. Keep the end in sight. Fight it like a battle and show no mercy. The rest will fall into place. The mind is your most powerful muscle. It will train the others to respond. Good Luck bro.

No red meat or chicken, but lots of seafood. While she ate tofu, she did not eat it all the time. She also ate alot of seaweed products brown rice and vegetables. Look into macrobiotics. Also she did not work out as the chemo and radiation left her very weak.