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Cancer at KFC, Suprised?


No suprise to most of us , but I figured you'd like to know.


Isn't it common knowledge that when you grill meat you create carcinogenic material?


Eeesh, thankfully the only thing i like there are the hotwings. But i cant even stomach them for more than once every couple months. Learn to fry your own chicken people.


Those assholes at KFC!


im still gonna eat it lol


Isn't that one of the compounds formed by cooking any type of meat?


I had at least half a big tub of KFC this weekend. Good stuff.


I didn't tell ya not too, just thought the article was interesting.


Isn't everything carcinogenic these days according to doctors?


woah, remind me never to walk out in the sunshine again either.


Yes, cancer results from many sources. It can be environmental factors, such dangerous things as sunlight for instance. Just don't overdo stuff and don't be a homo about tstuff.


I like the new grilled chicken. However, I looked up the ingredients and found that they use MSG in the spices. I'm not sensitive to it, but try not to eat it if I can. I'll get the grilled chicken in a pinch, though.

As an alternative, I usually get a whole rotisserie chicken (2lb) from my supermarket. Just as tasty and nothing more than salt and some herbs on it for about 5-7 bucks.


Yes. It seems to form more in red meat than in fish or poultry, but grilling any meat causes it to be formed. I don't know why they're targeting KFC specifically with this.

The harmful effects of PHiP and other molecules in its family can be greatly reduced simply by marinating with citrus fruit and/or eating something with quercitin with the charred meat.


This is the type of quote that our grandchildren will say their "grandpa always said...". I like it.

It will be interesting to think I might be listening to Alice in Chains and 2Pac in the nursing home.


Quoted for the mother fucking truth.

Delicious. Picking one up tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me.



And yes x3 to the whole chickens, one setting on a good day and I'm licking the rib bones for the last bit of breast.


Yea... this is silly -_- .


Guess not.


Whole chickens have phytoestrogens from being heated in that plastic.


Whatever those are, taste fucking delicious.