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Cancer and Nutrition/Supplements


I was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was subsequently found to be cancerous. I have undergone radiation treatment to shrink/destroy as much as possible. The doctors plan now is to monitor it with MRIs every few months, reducing the frequency as time goes on and should nothing change. However none of the doctors seem to have any advice on diet/supplementation. Obviously I would like to do whatever possible to make sure that it never comes back/grows/spreads.

Of course a healthy diet is on the list, but I have read/heard of supplements/foods that may help - ie teas, resveratrol (Rez-V) , vitamin D, etc. I am fully aware that there isn't a magic bullet, but anything that helps/could help would be beneficial and I would be interested in. It seems like there are likely some people who have had similar experiences here, and there also seem to be a lot of people more educated than doctors in the nutrition field on here, and any advice/comments are appreciated.


1st off, brain cancer is an animal so congratulations on your survival, whether you recognize it or not you're blessed. 2nd of all I'd say anything that will promote cellular healing and fight inflammation from the radiation (C0-q10, Flameout, high dose vitamin C etc. would likely be a good idea). wish you the best.


I'd check out nootropics.


There is some talk about using diet to limit angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels), which is required for tumor growth. Basically, tumors, like other organs, need oxygen and nutrients to grow and function. They build new blood vessels so they can expand. Stopping this from happening can halt their progress.

Many drugs have been designed to intervene at this pathway, although their success is mixed. See, there are many signaling pathways that tissues can use to stimulate production of blood vessels and limiting one can just push flux down another.

Nonetheless, if you want to do some reading then search for 'angiogenesis inhibitor/s' or 'antiangiogenic' and some kind of diet or nutrient key word.
To get you started - greeen tea, soy, liquorice, red wine, some berries and mushrooms have been linked anti-angiogenic pathways.


Rez-V, Rhodiola, Curcumin, Indigo-3G, Supeefood, FA3, Flameout just from Biotest, then you can look into the basics like vitamins, roots.

Best to use google for those and remember to learn, learn, learn about the cancer. Don't just take your doctors word and don't just take some forums word.


check out Doctor Yourself by Andrew Saul
Addresses many issues, and Cancer has a big chapter.
I know Vitamin C megadosing is big


Just watched a super interesting documentary called FoodMatters in which all kinds of helpful stuff about nutrition. It talks about extremely high doses vit C has proved beneficial. That and juicing tons of veggies and usage of superfoods. Also look into vitamin B17 - i have always heard that it cures cancer, literally cures cancer. Its banned in the US. Be careful about looking it up tho.


yeah, vitamin b17 cures cancer...the cancer cells die right after the person. stop spreading quackery


Wow. Congrats on your successful fight. Don't forget to enjoy the most powerful anti-oxidant; dark chocolate . It beat out acai, blueberries, cranberry and pomegranate powder...

RESULTS: Various fruit powders and retail fruit products were obtained and analyzed for antioxidant capacity (ORAC (microM TE/g)), total polyphenol content (TP (mg/g)), and total flavanol content (TF (mg/g)). Among the various powders that were tested, cocoa powder was the most concentrated source of ORAC and TF. Similarly, dark chocolate was a significantly more concentrated source of ORAC and TF than the fruit juices.

CONCLUSIONS: Cocoa powder and dark chocolate had equivalent or significantly greater ORAC, TP, and TF values compared to the other fruit powders and juices tested, respectively. Cacao seeds thus provide nutritive value beyond that derived from their macronutrient composition and appear to meet the popular media's definition of a "Super Fruit".


Gary Taubes in "Good Cals, Bad Cals" discussing in some detail how reducing carbs, which in turn reduce insulin levels can help prevent tumor growth. May want to grab that book for many reasons.


Just had a battle with cancer myself. All the best to you my friend.

"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. That surrender, even the smallest act of giving up, stays with me. So when I feel like quitting, I ask myself, which would I rather live with?"

I notice your from Ontario. As am I. I'm thinking your located or at least see someone in London or Toronto, maybe Hamilton. I'd love to talk if you had the time and were interested. Maybe discuss things as far as what my dietary team did with me. I'd type it out but there's quite a lot. Ig you had any specific questions I'd be happy to answer them and share my experiences. Anything you need, let me know. Feel free to PM me. Cheers.

Chemo, Radiation and a Stem Cell Transplant is my log. If you wanted to know more or get an idea of what I'm about. Just punch it in on the search function.

Keep Fighting and Stay Strong!


One of my favorite websites regularly posts stories about nutrition and cancer. Check out Futurepundit.com. It's mostly science related news and the site authors opinions on how it will impact the future, but if you look on the right side there listing all topics, there are many related to cancer studies.


Dr Barry Sears (The Zone) says the same thing. Ironically, Sears own patents on multiple chemotherapy drugs. However, he agrees that the body's own mechanisms are better cancer fighters than any drug.


It kinda depends on the mutation that caused the cancer. Some cancers are caused by uncontrolled growth and others by the inability to properly apoptose. The molecular mechanisms behind these determine whether they are responsive to specific stimuli. Cutting carbs may or may not help - unfortunately I don't think there is any easy way to tell other than retrospective.


I'm fully aware that there probably aren't any definitive studies that show a certain food/supplement will work. But as you said, reducing carbs may help, based on some research. And cutting carbs doesn't seem like it could hurt, so whats the harm in trying it.


intravvenous Vitamin C megadosing, you can look it up, Andrew Saul writes in his boog doctor yourself, one group of 100 terminally kill cancer patients 13 survived with vitamin c, its not a lot but they all had terminal cancer.

hes in the film food matters, which is on netflix streaming

Good Luck.



The current theory on cancer (and heart disease) is that inflammation is a major player in development. My gf's father just beat brain cancer a couple of years ago. He was treated at MD Anderson, the worlds #1 Brain Cancer Hospital.

They recommended anti-inflammatory foods and supplements.

Fruits, vegetables, turmeric, fish oil...

And cut foods that cause inflammation out of your diet. (foods high in saturated fat, lots of salt...)

But fruits and veggies were emphasized the most.


Congrats for beating it.

I am currently being treated for a rare cancerous sarcoma.

As for nutrition and supps all the research I've found is incredibly conflicting. If your anything like me your viewpoint will be that if theres ANY research suggesting it could help I'll take it.

The problem with this is some research suggests some supplements such as antioxidants can actually aid tumour growth through an indirect mechanism.

Its very hard to know what to do for the best.


This is true, I think the best bet is to listen to the doctor. They know details on types of cancer, what helps, what hurts.... all the well intentioned advice on the forums could potentially harm you.

What helps lung cancer could hurt brain cancer et cetera. Your best bet is to ask the doc directly. If you don't like his answer, get your second and third opinion from other qualified doctors.