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Cancer and Alkaline Environment/Body


Just got back to T-Nation, it’s been a few years. I have been very actively looking into my he
alth. I have been physically health all my life. My concern as of late has been of an internal nature. Things change after 50, one looks at thinks from a different point of view.

I came across an article 8 or 9 years ago that changed my out look on my health and my outlook on the medical industry.

The article in question was about a Dr. Otto Wartburg, who in 1933 won the noble prize for discovering that cancer can not live in an alkaline high oxygen environment. That was eighty four years ago. A healthy human body is an alkaline high oxygen environment.

So if a person has a healthy body they can not get cancer or any other disease for that matter. The problem is there are very few healthy people in the world. It’s easy to find out, just get some PH paper and do a pee test. I has shocked and it has taken a long time to find a way to alkaline my body with a diet I could live with.

There is more and I will be posting more. There is only one person who truly cares about you, you! Take control of your health it’s yours to control.


Speak for yourself. :slight_smile:


I’m not a college-educated doctor, but what you are talking about is pure quackery. Your body has a very narrow Ph range that it keeps stable no matter what you shove down your craw. If you somehow alkalized your body, which you can’t do with diet, you would indeed kill cancer cells. The trouble is you’d also kill the rest of your body’s cells. That’s why your body keeps it constant, regardless of what the facebook meme told you.

One part of your body that does change pH with diet? Your piss, depending on what you eat. So if piss cancer exists, you’re probably getting out in front of it.

I don’t mean any disrespect, but you are spouting pure quackery. The vultures who use this nonsense to separate people from their money, especially those sick with cancer, are complete bottom-feeders.




Pft. I know a guy who cures cancer with qigong and schizophrenia with heat lamps.

What the fuck is an alkaline anyway?


Doesn’t Loliquin have the be-all-end-all tips for cancer prevention?


The human body will regulate the bodies PH balance between 7.45 & 7.65, only if it has the proper nutrients needed. If a person only eat Cidic foods they will never have an alkaline body. The human body is capable of many amazing things but it needs our help.

Your urine is the indicator. It tells you the PH level your body is maintaining. It’s not a magic, it’s a matter eating properly. Proper eating is really quite simple, we were told when we were young what the proper foods were. There are foods we should always eat, those were should eat in moderation and those we should avoid.

I care not if you believe in holistic medicine but some of the greatest thinkers in history state that the first medicine should be food. There are times when modern medicine is needed but in my book it’s a last resort, but a welcome one if needed.

So if the human body regulates itself no matter what you eat then they are people dieing of cancer everyday. Dr. Otto Wartburg didn’t receive the Noble Prize for no reason. He discovered the way to prevent cancer from ever occurring. Believe it or not.


Negative Ghostrider.

Your urine gives you zero reference to the pH level of your blood. Your blood, regardless of what you eat, is going to stay between 7.35-7.45, anything else would be life threatening and cancer would be the least of your worries.


Again, I do not intend any disrespect, but I don’t simply believe you are wildly incorrect. I know it.

I’m not arguing against eating well at all, mind you. I’m just letting you know that you are wrong about your ability to ward off cancer by manipulating your body’s pH via your diet. Humans do not have the ability to do that. That is not how our bodies work.


Did you read my post. Dr. Otto Wartburg received the Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer can not live in an alkaline high oxygen environment. You state the body regulates itself at 7.35 to 7.65 all by itself no matter what you eat. Well if that was the case no one would get cancer, since cancer can not survive in an alkaline high oxygen environment, as Dr Otto Wartburg discovered. You need to provide your body the nutrients it needs to alkaline itself. That is done by what you eat.


Do you understand that someone can die if he/she relies on your posts instead of seeking actual medical treatment?


Y’all jumped in before he could offer a “special alkalyzing diet” for only…

I’m assuming a troll, or at best a really naive guy that probably believes in fairies too.

So, lets give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he has read something that seems exciting and he wants to share.

@tanktop - please go do a simple search on Dr. Warburg. Yes he did win a (not “the”, there are several fields) Nobel Prize. However it was not for what you think, it was for:

His later researches at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute have led to the discovery that the flavins and the nicotinamide were the active groups of the hydrogen-transferring enzymes. This, together with the iron-oxygenase discovered earlier, has given a complete account of the oxidations and reductions in the living world. For his discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to him in 1931.
(taken from the nobelprize.org website bio on Dr Warburg)

There is a lot more information out there if you go look.
Good Luck.


So what is the take home on this?

Eat more baking soda?

I bet this is why batteries don’t get cancer. They just keep going and going and going…


Since when did Zeppelin create a second account called “tanktop” ?


That was my same thought as I read the post.


We’ll know for sure if he mentions stem cell treatments in Panama.


I’ll throw out some bait to see if he bites-

Marijuana is useless as an alternative medicine. Unless your affliction is not being high.