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Cancel Cycle after 2nd Injection (1 Week)

Hey guys,

The 11th of March I decided to start a steroid cycle.
With the Coronavirus situation evolving like this, i regret this decision.
My gym is closed meanwhile and training in my homegym is by far not as fun. Furthermore, this summer will not be the usual festival-topless-social one, so the benefit of a beachbody is far less.
Or do you guys expect the situation to improve in the following weeks already?

I think it would be smartest to cancel this cycle and move it to better times.

I planned using Test E at 500mg/week, Nandrolone at 400mg/week and DBol at 30mg/day.

My first pin was on 11th March and like 300mg TE, 250Nand, my second on 14th with again this dose (to boost the start). 30mg DBol until 15th (included).
I can already feel the effects, mostly because i am horny all the time.

If i cancel injections from now on, how much of a PCT would i need? Or would i even need one?
With a TE half life of ~8 and Nandrolone with ~10 days, i expect my levels to drop to baseline in maybe 2 weeks. Is this period enough to surpress natural production?

I have Clomid and Nolva for my PCT but don’t want to use it all up so i’d have to source new stuff before i really start the cycle.

Many will tell you not to PCT… But literature indicates one shot of Nandrolone alone is enough to entirely shut off endogenous testosterone production. If I were in you’re situation I’d probs run PCT if I decided to hop off early.

Okay, I thought I would need at least some kind of pct. Usually i’d go with

Clomid - 50/50/25/25/12.5

Nolvadex - 40/20/20/20/10

But I would run this after a suppression of weeks in a row. Would you go for the whole one it shorten it?

I usually don’t see decreases in testicle size, if this is important.

I’m in the exact same situation, I’m 3.5 weeks in. Dumb decision to start however when I started it wasn’t what it was now.

My gyms are on the brink of closing.

I’m on 400mg of test e a week.

I will run a bit of HCG and then nolvadex 40/40/20/20

I’ve decided not run Clomid like I would if I ran the full 12 week cycle.