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Canberra T-Cell Needs You


Okay T-Men and T-Vixen of Canberra, if the T-Cell is going to happen you have to be there!

Why a T-cell in Canberra? Why the hell not? We have some great gyms and trainers in Canberra, but you can always learn more. That's why I'm trying to get this beast airborne.

This is your chance to meet other people with the same obsession, swap ideas and make your life in the gym more productive. So if you're in town tomorrow, get down to Babar's at City Walk at Noon.

I hope to see you there.


As somebody who grew up in Canberra I'm just curious as to how many people you've got coming. I wish this meeting happened while I was still there. All the best and I hope the turnout is huge.