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Canary in a Coal Mine


Biker I checked out the safety bar it has welded caps on the ends just under the harness…No way to add handles…Couldn’t find a manufacturers stamp anywhere this thing old…


light condo/core day

Incline Tmill with weight vest 25 min
dead bugs, palloff presses, overhead cable ext, walking lunges ( no weight) hands in pockets, a bunch of stretchy/ mobility stuff…tried out a donkey calf raise machine…weird…

felt good


Rise time: 3:41

Reverse OHP 2x8x105, 11x105, 3x125, 2x135, 1x45, 1x150
Seated row machine 3x10
Pullups 5x4 1x5
Rear delt fly 3x10
Floor press worked up to 3x225

Was reading Crippler’s log and saw he did reverse OHP and realized I had not done them in over a year .So seeing I was at the start of a cycle I decided to rotate them in.

Me and another guy from the old gym decided to play with the safety squat bar ( that has no handles just the yoke)…its different…and the bar seemed heavy…don’t know how much but definitely more than an Oly bar.


Curious what’s the purpose for the reverse ohp? Are they easier on the shoulder joints? Work the tris a little differently?


Steve, have an awesome long weekend and say “hey” to K for me.


To me the reverse presses give a different angle. I almost like them better. Also, I’m really not sure I’m all that cool.


Crippler, cool enough !!

Snatch Grip dead 3x6x225
Double overhand conv with Band worked up to 315 plus 60lb band…
Rev Paused Dl 3x3x225 + 60lb band
weighted back ext 3x10x80
donkey calf raise 3x10
leg press 4x10

CGBP Paused 4x2x245
cross body hammer curl 3x10
weighted dips 3x6xbw+90
rear delt fly 3x12
y press 3x12

Incline Tmill 30 min with 30lb vest
dead bugs
cable high to low chops, face pulls, cable overhead ext
BB curl 3x10
side planks

knees really junky this AM too much bending and folding yesterday washing and clay barred two cars and did 4 hours of stone sealing on the pool deck.


Nailing cool here. New gym becomes you.


Thanks Biker, enjoying some new toys

Zerchers 10x3x200 with 3 count pause last rep each set
supersetted with
DB rows 3x6side ( 1st 3 sets)
Donkey calf raise Machine 3x12 ( 2nd 3 sets)
Hammie Curl 4x12 ( last 4 sets)

Smith Machine feet together Squat 4x10
supersetted with
Weighted back ext 4x10xbw+85

extra crispy and toasted…


rise time 3:38
Incline BP 5x6x190
supersetted with
Meadows rows 5x5
Y press 3x12

Cable fly 3x10
supersetted with
DB BP 3x8

Hammer curl 3x9
pushdowns 3x15

A lot of supersetting going on to create some density.


What time do you fall asleep at night? (couch, bed?)


in bed at 8:30 and I’m out by 8:40, 8:45. In a perfect world I would get 7 hours of sleep, but that never happens. I can function pretty well on 5:30-6 hours of good sleep.


Snatch grip DL 3x6x235
Conv DL up to 315 plus 60lb band
Reverse Pause DL 3x3x235+60lb band
Weighted back ext 3x10xbw+90
donkey calf raise 4x10
Carpentry work 5 hours

Reverse grip OHP 3x8x110 then worked up to a single @150
CGBP paused worked up to a single @ 250
Y press 3x12
Seated chest supported row Machine 3x8
deadhang neutral grip chins 8x5 these were done throughout the workout
db lateral 2x12


Whatcha building?


Just finish type work…Chair rail, crown molding, and shadow boxes under the rail. My son does it for a living so I’m just the gopher!


Rise - 3:38
Zercher 8x4x200 last rep each set paused
supersetted with
DB row 4x5 (first 4 sets)
and seated calf raise 4x10 ( last 4 sets)

Smith machine feet together squats 3x9
supersetted with
single leg back extension 3x8

Hammie curl 3x10
Hammer curl 3x8

good session, now I have to spend my day in BOD meeting…oh brother.


Incline Tmill with 36lb Vest 35 min 2.03mi
Planks, side planks, cable chops, dead bugs, mobility stuff, straight arm pulldowns


Incline BP 4x6x190, 1x8x190
supersetted with
Meadows rows 5x5

Cable high to low fly 3x10
supersetted with
French Press 4x10 ( did an extra set cause I felt like it!)

Giant set of
Squeeze Press 3x12
Tri pushdown 3x10
Sled push 6 ( I did these between each exercise)

so that completes 2 cycles at 190 for inclines so its time to move up smidge next cycle. Happy with the 8 on the last set. Doing an AMRAP at the end is really challenging and my infraspinitus is pissed and causing some discomfort so getting the 8 was good for me… Going to bump to 200 and work that for awhile.


Wow, that’s a lot of work.


Crippler, trying to keep up !

Stat Bike 5 min warm-up, 8 min intervals of 20 sec sprint, 40 sec cruise, 2 min cool down
Pallof press with OH ext. 3x8 side
Cable Curl 3x12
mobility, stretchy,
face pulls 2x12
mobility stretchy