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Canary in a Coal Mine


Incline BP 4x5x190 1x7x190
Lean back Pulldown 5x10
Triple pause Press 4x4x165 1x3x175
Pendlay row 5x3x165
High to low cable crossover 3x12


zerchers 6x6x175 with 3 count pause last rep each set
supersetted with
Facepulls 3x10
Standing Calf raise 3x12

Single leg ext 4x8
abductor machine 3x10
straight arm pulldown 3x10
spider curl 2xsomething with a slow eccentric

starting next cycle with 195 on zerchers with a 10x3 scheme…eventually working to 6x6… good thing next week is a deload my knees are tad tender,so a week of ease will be good.


Lots of Track athletes I know use the chute and really like it.


Harry- you can certainly feel the drag when the chute inflates. nice variation to the training regiment.

Was supposed to do my 2nd day of agility stuff but woke up with very cranky / sore knees so I went to the gym and did stuff…palloff press, dead bugs, side planks, cable curls, back ext, band pullaparts, db hammer curls, plate pulses, mobility, stretchy stuff…kind of a junk/refresh day…see how I feel tomorrow if my knees are calm I’ll go to the turf before heading to do OHP work. Deep tissue at lunch time today…


Saturday carpentry with my boy. ( Biker said I could count it)

Trap bar DL 5x3x360, 1x7x360
OHP worked up to a double @165
rear delt fly 3x10
cgbp Fatbar worked up to a single @265

Into deload this week…which is good…knees have been a little cranky, left shoulder same


good workout.

I moved 365 1 inch this am.


Thanks Biker…

Turf day

1 mile weighted vest walk
Sprints double 30s ,40s, 50s done at about 60% max
1/2 mile walk

just getting some movement


Fugg, got the unofficial , official word that the gym I belong to is closing Friday. SO now its either a 24 hour fitness place or a gym about 10 minutes further away. It doesn’t sound like much but round trip that adds almost 18 miles to my daily mileage which already totals over 24K for a year…

on the upside it opens at 4am weekdays and 6am on weekends…is open 365 days year . So it looks like I have to belly up to the bar and start getting up at 3:40AM…


got over to the new gym this AM. Similar to where I came from with a little more stuff. 2 DL platforms instead of one, 3 power racks instead of one…cardio equipment that looks like its from the 2000’s instead of 1964. Cleaner, and since I’m a refugee they gave me 3 months free to try it out…Biker there is a safety bar ! I’ll be trying that tomorrow. they have a landmine, 2 trap bars, a sled on a small 15 yard piece of turf. The bars were straighter, finally . at 4:30 about 10 people…3 from my old gym. its 16 minutes if I catch both lights green so a 3:40 rise time with a stop for coffee should do the trick.


New gym sounds great. Always good to have some folks around during workouts. A sled!
Maybe check youtube videos for SSB squat work, particularly for squats w/o hands on bar.


you really don’t like do you? I checked the no hands version…good Lord


I did the no hands version with 200 pounds last Monday. It was remarkable.

I don’t like ice. I know it should work. I like the babying method Crippler mentioned.


Biker - Ice is a pain in the arse that’s why I use Biofreeze. Rub it on it acts like ice for hours. But babying it works just as well maybe better; just hard for me to do some times.

Incline BP 5x5x190 1x6x190
Meadows rows 3x6
neutral chins 4x5
low incline DB 3x8 just adding a little volume
Y press 3x12
Lean back pulldown 3x10

new gym is a lot like the old one…with almost half the people being from the old gym there this AM.


Ok, next time I injure myself I’ll get some Biofreeze. Leg feels pretty good today. Maybe gym time tomorrow.


Lets hope you never need Biofreeze !! Im trying the safety bar tomorrow, gulp


OG, check the maker’s website for the bar’s weight. Titan, Rogue and Elifts are all different weighted bars. Maybe light weights and and play with the thing first time.


Biker - Thanks… it looks like it will be no hands…the handles are missing…

Zercher 10x3x200 last rep each set paused 3 count
seated calf raise 4x10
weighted back ext 4x10xbw+75lb db
smith close stance squats 3x12
leg ext 3x10


The handles are missing? Jeez.


yeah it ends at the horse collar. I’m going in tomorrow to do sprint intervals on the bike I’m going to look around then ask at the front desk. if they don’t have them I am guessing I can buy a set. Should be standard threads so manufacturer shouldn’t matter but I’ll try and see if the stamp is legible…it looks pretty old.


If you have to buy a pair, get the shorter ones.