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Canary in a Coal Mine


Finally a workout I can understand.


Biker - me too !

Zerchers 8x4x175 last rep each set 3count pause
supersetted with
straight arm pulldowns 4x10
Standing smith machine calf raise 4x12

Leg ext 3x12
hip abductor machine 3x6 each rep 4 count hold
cable front raise 3x10
seated hammie curl 2x20

knees were very cranky and grinding this AM… Biofreeze where forte art thou


Nice work Paul. You must be sporting a sweet beach body with all the sprinting and zerchers you’ve been doing. But watch out for great whites if you go to the Cape this year.


Hey Steve, my beach body is counter acted by a sincere love and devotion to barley and hops ! Seems like each year now there are more Great whites and they come earlier and they come much closer more often…they had one last year off of the beach in the town I live in.


1/2 mile walk
cones 10x10x10 8 rounds
agility ladder 14 rounds
broad jump 7x
bounding some
1/2 walk
34 minutes total

good refresh day, 77 degrees out at 5am with at least that much humidity…its like I woke up in the south !



OHP 3x6x135, 1x9x135
Lateral throw 3x6 side
chins 8x6
rear delt fly 3x12
Pin Press 6x2x150


Trap Bar 6x3x320, no belt
Rev Paused Banded Trap Bar 5x3x230+60lb band paused just below the knee
CGBP Paused fat bar worked up to a double @250 did a bunch of 5 count eccentrics at 225


Lateral throw?


Harry- you use a db that’s “too heavy” for laterals and use a momentum to get it up with the idea being to hold the weight at the peak for second before lowering…


1/2 mile walk
Cones 15x15x15 10 rounds
Chute sprints 8x50
1/2 mile walk

First time this outdoor season for some parachute sprints…I’m not letting Harry, Crippler and NHLFTR have all the fun…the chute does make you work harder…my legs and glutes hadn’t recovered from Sunday’s DL marathon so these were back to sundial mode…but still fun to bust the chute!




Biker I’m not that talented and I don’t want to break the internet


Incline BP 4x5x190, 1x7x190
supersetted with
Lean Back Pulldowns 5x10

Floor press narrow grip worked up to 4x3x225
supersetted with
Pendlay row 5x3x165

Crush push away press 3x10
supersetted with
High to low cable fly 3x10

it appears my pressing has hit bottom and made a turn north…thank God…I was almost back to 8th grade…


Zercher Squats 7x5x175 last rep each set paused for 3 count
supersetted with
Straight arm pulldown 3x10
Standing calf raise 4x12

Single leg ext 3x11
supersetted with
Abductor machine 3x10

Pull throughs 3x10
supersetted with
face pulls 3x12

next week will be my final zerchers at 175. I started with a 10x3 scheme working to 6x6 next week. Feeling comfortable with my reps…going to bump up 20 after next week.


refresh day

dead bugs, plate pulse, pallof press with iso hold x 3 rounds

Cones 10x10x10 10 rounds
Agility ladder a bunch of different ways 14 x
Broad jump 7x best jump 7’ 9" …brought a tape measure…goal will be 8ft

Light day, good to get moving and work the kinks out from squat day yesterday.the air changed last night so we are out of the humidity…for today…it comes back tomorrow.


Another interesting workout, and with humidity!


I’m working in new things with the ladder too. I’m thinking of doing bear crawls.


Crippler… I find the ladder to either be too easy or to complex for my brain !


OHP 3x6x140, 1x7x140
Neutral grip chins 6x6

all I had time for my son was meeting me at my house to do some finish carpentry work and sure enough 7:02 he was there…

Trap Bar DL 5x3x340, 1x8x340
cable front raise 2x15
Weighted back ext 3x10 +70lbs
Fat Bar CGBP paused 8x3x215
Cable hammer curl 3x12


Carpentry is a workout. Should have listed it.

I saw a private gym in an office which had a ladder mounted about 8 feet in air and parallel to the floor. I didn’t ask how it was used but all guys there were in good shape.


Biker- you wanted to see the chute…and here is what it looks like when I arrive .I’m 20 yrds from the fieldhouse


1/2 mile walk
backpeddle 20 yards, crossover step 20 yards, shuffle 20 yards, bounding 20 yards x 8 rounds
Chute sprints 6x50, 2x70, 1x100
1/2 mile walk

not sure if I was sprinting or swimming. fog was so heavy I could barely make out the “20” when standing on the goal line. Rained pretty hard over night and into the early morn. The field was slick so I decided to do the agility stuff in a straight line instead of using cones…