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Canary in a Coal Mine


Crippler thats awesome! Serious question: how do you recover from sprints everyday? As far as speed…I hear ya! I think I’m moving but a sundial is more than adequate to keep time.


Incline BP 4x5x175, 9x175
supersetted with
Lean back Pulldowns 5x5x120

Weighted dips 8xBW+35, 5,6,6 xBW+70
Floor press 4x5x185 tri’s shot after dips
low to high cable fly 2x8

Switching to inclines for the remainder of summer…bored with flat bench


It really has not been too bad. I do feel it, however, in my knees in the morning. I normally do 10 40 yard sprints, following a farmers’ walk. I then mix in some backwards running, skipping, and whatever else I can think of.


Cool, thanks ! My cone drills are combinations of back peddling , crossover steps, shuffle steps and sprint, My sprints vary from 30’s to 100s but mostly in the 40-70 range.My knees get a little cranky as well, but nothing that Biofreeze can’t handle…Appreciate you responding to my question


Zerchers 10x3x175 ( last rep each set paused for 3 count)
supersetted with
Straight arm pulldowns 4x8
Seated calf raise 4x12
Single leg ext 4x8
cable hammer curls 4x10

Zerchers were the same weight as last week. I’m staying at that weight until I get all 30 reps correct. I notice that on about 1/3 of the reps instead of dropping down in the hole I tend to drop and then lean forward so I need to fix that. Until I do no point in adding weight.



OHP 4x6x140
Lateral throws 3x6
rev fly 3x12

I wasn’t feeling it so I decided to experiment with exercises I’ve wanted to try
Reverse Pause DL ala Paul Carter( I did these snatch grip), a cork screw dip, crush push away press ( its done with a single db), cable curls done with the 5-3 countdown method from Chad Waterbury.


I just had to look all those up except for the cable curls.


Harry- I thought you knew everything ? !!


attempt to stretch and do mobility …really cranky knees from all the time I’m spending mortaring my patio.

Cones 15x15x15 10 rounds
Sprints 8x60s…really relaxed and smooth…but it was like swimming its so damn humid and it was already 74 degrees at 5am.

Upped the Cone drill to 15 yrd segments…I think if I went to 20 I’d probably fall over doing the back peddle portion.


Trust me, there’s a lot of the new lifting methods and routines I’m clueless on. I’m pretty much still lifting the same as I first learned using a Sears 110# set 50 years ago.


Hahaha…I hear ya…hey if works why mess with it !


Incline BP 5x5x185
supersetted with
Lean Back Pulldowns 4x10
CG Floor press 4x4x185 2x205
supersetted with
Pendlay rows 4x5x155
Low to high cable fly 3x10
Crush push away press 3x8

My giddy up left the barn before I got on the horse…floor press was lame, pendlays were mediocre…but the work is in ! right now I’m the lightest I’ve been in years and it shows in my strength


Zerchers 10x3x175 last rep of each set paused 3 count
supersetted with
Straight arm pulldown 4x10
Seated calf raise 4x12
BB hip thruster 3x6 with 5 count hold on each rep
supersetted with
Single Leg Ext 3x8
Face pulls 2x10

Hope to get an almost adequate from Harry


I’ll give you an “adequate”. You’re doing more than I am in this heat.


How about more than adequate?


Thanks guys!

cable hammer curl, palloff press, dead bugs, plate pulses 3 rounds

Cones 10x10x10 10 rounds
Agility ladder - 25 rounds a bunch of different methods
sprints 3x70
1/2 mile walk ran out of time

humid like a fish bowl…the 70’s were the best sprints of the summer so far…felt like I might have actually resembled a sprint!!


The zerchers are very adequate. The pain on the crook of the elbows always are the worse part of the lift for me. I’ve yet to try hip thrusters, maybe when I’m the only one in the gym.


I have been doing the ladder thing too. I’m just trying to make new things up to make it interesting.


Thanks Harry ! I I use elbow sleeves to help alleviate the discomfort. I do get some funny looks when I do hip thrusters…

Crippler- awesome ! Im doing the same, watched some videos of different drills to get to get the idea

OHP worked up to a double @170 then added5x5x135
supersetted with
chins sets of 4
Cable front raise 4x10
rev fly 4x12

Trap Bar Deads worked up to a triple @360
Banded Trap bar 7x3x245+60lb band
CGBP 4x4x20 with a 3 count negative on each rep

That was it, wanted to get home before it got too hot out and finish the mortar job I have been doing forever! Now its clean it all off and seal it ( easy part).


1/2 mile walk
Cones 15x15x15 10 rounds
Sprints 7x70’s
1/2 mile walk

for some reason I struggled a bit with getting my air…felt out of gas mid way through cones…


Incline BP 4x5x185, 1x7xx185
supersetted with
Lean Back Pulldowns 5x10
Floor press worked up to 2x3x235
rear delt fly 3x12
crush push away press 2x10
pec dec 2x10