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Canary in a Coal Mine


OHP 3x100, 3x125, 9x140
French Press 3x12
Cable lateral 3x12
and some other stuff I can’t recall

DL 3x275, 3x315, 8x335
Banded DL work up to 315 plus 60lb band double overhand
Weighted back Extension 3x10xbw+70lb db
some junk

Cones 10x10x10 , back peddle to crossover to sprint 12 rounds

Sprints walkback 50’s x8 …sprint from goal line out walk back rinse and repeat.


BP Paused 5x205, 3x230, 2x260, 1x265
Cable curl 3x12
Decline bench 3x8
Seated HS row 3x12
Pulldowns 3x9
Tate Press 1x15, 1x10

bench was blah…


Zerchers 5x150, 5x175, 10x190, 3x215
Machine Hack squat 3x6 with 3 count pause
Seated Calf 4x12
Single leg ext 3x10
rope row 3x8 supersetted with
Overhead trap ext 3x10

zerchers suck but I love 'em


1 mile walk with 36lb vest

cone drill 10x10x10 12 rounds

sprints 2x an easy 100

nice active recovery day after yesterdays zerchers and friends


Any thoughts about the vest? I’m thinking about one. Just thinking.


I like it, I have used off and on for years…Mine has removable 3lb blocks and maxes out at 36lbs…For my use there really isn’t a need to go higher in weight as I use to add a small amount work effort…makes breathing a little harder , helps with posture and pulls my traps down which tend to get over tight…Obviously you can use with push ups, pull ups and anywhere actually other than bench. If you plan on multiple uses I would look at MiR short vest.


You’re more the acrobat type than I am. I’m just thinking about walking with one.


OHP 5x120, 3x135, 7x150
French press 3x12
CGBP paused fat bar 20rked up to a double @255
Db laterals 4x6

DL 5x275, 3x315, 6x355
Banded DL worked up to 315 +60lb band double overhand
cable curls 3x12
Incline BP paused worked up 205

deload week now…


After deload I ended up taking another week completely off. I’m in the midst of a masonry project ( removing old mortar and adding back new in a blue stone patio that’s a little over 1000sgft)

Turf Field
Cone drill 12x12x12 for 10 rounds
Sprints 8x50
1 mile cooldown walk

What an awesome morning


Paused BP 5x235
Pulldowns 3x10
Floor Press 4x4x205
HS seated row 3x12
Pec Dec 3x10

pretty awful… beat up from pretending to be a mason


Zerchers 12x3x175 with 3 count pause on the last rep of each set
Single Leg ext 2x12
Hip Thrusters 4x5 with 5 count hold each rep
straight arm pulldowns 4x10
Seated calf raise 4x12

Most of this was down alternating a set of zerchers with one of the above…made for a dense workout or is it that I’m dense?


Hmmmm… Boy! This could go a couple of different directions here. Better just keep quiet🤣 Nice work oldergoat!


I’ve met you and you didn’t seem that dense. Nice volume with the zerchers. I tend to do a lot of sets with one or two exercises. Just seems like the right thing to do.


Nice work on the zerchers


CL- should have taken the opening !
Steve- you could have left out the word “that”…hahaha
Harry- I actually like zerchers and thanks but I’m disappointed I didn’t get an adequate!

Dead bugs, plate pulse, palloff presses
1/2 mile weight vest walk
Cones 10x10x10x12 rounds
Sprints 2xdouble 30s
1/2 mile weight vest walk


Okay. The last pic I saw of you on here, you looked very dense. Pretty much pure muscle and no fluff! Dense!


Zerchers are awesome. I like the idea of the pause.


Crippler…the pause really makes you work.

OHP 4x5x140
Seated pin Press worked up to 2x140
Lateral throw 3x6side
rear delts 4x10
Overhead cable ext 3x10

Snatch grip deads 3x275
Snatch grip deads with band 3x3x225 plus 60lb band
Fat Bar CGBP Paused a bunch up all with a 5 count eccentric

Sunday was rough, went to a wedding in Ct on Saturday got home around midnight…


Stretchy, mobility junk
Cable Curls 3x12 ( Waterbury 5,3 countdown method…interesting)
Side planks

1/2 mile walk
Cones 10x10x10yrds 12 rounds
Sprints 8x40s
1/2 mile walk

best day sprinting yet. stride felt spot on…for someone slightly beyond teenage years


I’ve been doing sprints everyday after work. I found some how over the years, I lost anything close to speed.