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Canary in a Coal Mine


OHP 5x105, 5x120, 11x135
French press 2x15
Straight arm pulldown 2x10

Gym didn’t open til 5:30AM that’s all I had time for…


Cable laterals 3x12
Hip huggers 2x8

to finish up yesterdays short workout

Turf field
Cone drill 10x10x10 10 rounds
Sprints double 30s,40s,50s,60s,
1 mile walk to cool down


Zercher squats 5x140, 5x165, 10x185 last rep of each set paused for 4 count
Paused Machine Hack Squats 3x6
Single leg Ext 3x10
Seated calf raise 3x18
spider curls 3x12

squats the day after sprints always a treat !


You’ve got some strong elbows.


I cheat… I use my knee sleeves to cover my frail arms


:roll_eyes: Oh brother!


refresh day

abs: dead bugs, bird dogs, plate pulse, pallof press 3 rounds
Incline Tmill 20 min with 36lb vest

Quads are so sore from sprints and squats needed to just get blood flowing to try and flush them out.who knows maybe one day I can have grown up legs!


For grown up legs, might want to prepare for inner thighs rubbing together constantly which prematurely wears out pants’ crotch area. Not a bad feeling, just pricey.



Paused BP 5x185, 5x205, 8x230
Meadows rows 8x75, 2x6x85
CGBP Fat Bar Paused 3x225, 3x245, 2x255 all with 4 count eccentric 3 count pause
Low to high cable fly 2x12
pullover 3x8

DL 5x245, 5x275, 9x315
Banded Paused DL 3x225, 3x245, 3x265, 2x285 paused just below knee with 75lb band
Weighted back ext 3x12x60lb db
OH trap ext 3x10


Great work as always.


Thanks Crippler…just trying to hold off father time

Cone drill 10 rounds of 10x10x10 back peddle, crossover,sprint

Sprint ladders 30,40,50,60,50,40,30

1 mile walk


Paused BP 3x190, 3x225, 5x245
Decline BP 3x8
Seated HS row 3x12
DB laterals 3x16
Facepulls 3x10
Pulldowns 3x12


Zercher 5x145, 5x170, 10x190 2x210
machine hack squat paused 1x8, 2x6
single leg ext 3x10
abductor machine drop sets 15-20 reps total per set x 4sets
pullthroughs 12x150, 10x170

Zerchers feeling better each time…


You had a birthday?


Really liking your workouts. Such a great mix of strength, mobility and speed work. Some might think you know what you’re doing.


Happy Fathers Day OG!


No… My log in is all screwed up and when I request a password change I get a link that brings me to a Biotest Ad… that’s it


They would be wrong !!!


Thanks CL


Apologies for the inconvenience! Would you mind starting a thread in Forum Feedback detailing your issue?