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Canary in a Coal Mine



Paused BP 3x225, 2x250, 1x270, 1x275, 1x80, 1x285 (+5 PR)
Fat Bar Paused CGBP 3x225, 3x250, 2x270, 1x280, 1x290 ( =PR) 0x300 I put my big boy pants and got slapped for it…next time…
OHP Banded 5x95, 5x105, 4x115, 2x125 with 2 40lb bands
Hip Huggers 3x8


seated Hammie curls 8x3
Zerchers 5x135, 5x185, 3x2x225 last rep of each set was paused
Trap Bar Banded 3x140, 3x230, 3x320, 3x340, 3x360 6x3x225 all with 75lb band last rep of each held for 4 count
Neutral wide grip chins 4x6
Incline Paused BP ( I couldn’t resist) 5x135, 4x175, 3x210, 3x225, 1x235


Looking strong as always. Saw you tried OHP with bands. I tried those and thought I was going to kill myself. I think I have that 1-800-Budweiser number as well.


You seem to be getting stronger, not older.
Wish it would work for me. (2 months to 70 here)


Steve-OHP with band is different! I like it but, I have had that feeling of impending disaster!

Biker- you Sir are well respected here. Guys like you and Harry continue to pound weights and do things that most cannot ( I cannot do handstand pushups)…and I’m only 5 months away from 58 so a tip of the cap to you


I think 58 is still relatively young.

Only thing holding you back from handstand pushups is fear of failure.
You’re doing good OHPs so you’re strong enough.


Tru Dat ! or at least the fear of face planting


Does this mean you’re can CGBP more than your regular bench? Very good benching and CGBP.


Harry, yes… Over the past two years I focused on CGBP while my shoulder was problematic . I just recently started regular BP…so I have some catch up to do.


Sunday Funday

DL 9x315
Banded DL worked up 3x295 with 75lb band double overhand
Snatch grip RDL 3x10
Weighted back ext 3x10xbw+65
Seated hammie curl 2x12


Good to have you back OG!


Z press 3x140, 2x8x95
JM press 3x8x85
straight arm pushdown 3x10x50
hip huggers 3x8
db laterals 3x12


Hey, there you are!!!


Thanks CL , Crippler


mobility and ab work

HS Turf Field

Cone drill 10 yd box 10x ; back peddle 10yds, shuffle or crossover for 10yd, sprint back to goal line 10 yds…10 times really helped my hips as sprints were awesome

Sprints 10x40s @ 85-90% max

1 mile walk 15:04

And so the day begins


Paused squats 6x4x185 5 count eccentric 3 count hold on the bottom …shaking at the end
Single Leg ext 4x12
abductor Machine 3x5 with 5 count hold each rep
seated calf raise 3x15
Cable trap raise 3x10


OG, just read on internet that leg work, just about any kind, improves brain function in mice.


Is that legit? If so it’s pretty interesting.


It was on a medical website that popped up on MSNBC a few hours ago. Makes sense.


I would assume it has something to do with pushing blood to the brain.


Makes sense. The article also said the mice, whose back legs were immobilized for the test, had some sort of nodules on spinal cords.


well it must not be working for me !!! Hey , you guys have a great Memorial day weekend…remember the fallen, thank the living !