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Canary in a Coal Mine


Thanks Steve, too bad about the meet…but more time to train ! hope you are well.

Incline Tmill 10 min’
Stat Bike Intervals 10 min ( 20 sec sprint , 40 sec cruise)

Incline DB W raise 10
Cable side chops 8 side
Abductor machine 5 with 5 count hold
Weighted plank 35lbs 30 sec
Face pulls 10
OH rope Ext 10

did this twice and the W raise 3x… The gym opened at 5:10 this is getting annoying…although it did give me time to delete a bunch of e-mails…



warm-up wide neutral grip chins EMOM 4x4
OHP 4x120, 4x135, 8x150( +1rep PR)
Seated OHP pin press 6x115,125,135, 5x145,3x150
box jumps 6x5
neutral chins 6,6,5,4,5
Cable curl 2x10
DB lateral 3x8


Worked with trainer so we squatted and worked cues, slowly getting a little better… we also did banded deadlifts which were awesome…and of course worked on set-up…


Maybe elaborate on the box jumps. Any body part react afterwards?


nothing too bad, Biker; and hard to say since I had the trainer on Saturday and did Trap Bar after the training session its hard to say what soreness is a result of what…using it to get more explosive, a touch of conditioning and helps maintain some level or coordination I suspect.

The jumps are to a box that is 2 or 3 inches above my knee cap…So not too high that I harpoon a shin and face plant, but enough that I have to set and put some effort in…One of things I’m seeing with the trainer is that although I thought I had decent mobility I actually don’t… I thought I had decent side to side balance both strength wise and coordination wise…ahhh not so much on coordination. SO over time I plan on sprinkling in a little more stuff where I’m moving as opposed to just standing ( lifting)



Definitely think I need to add more of this too.


warmup- snatch grip DL 3x3x205
Squats 3x190, 3x225, 7x250,
Paused squats 1x275, 6x3x205 working on cues…
single leg squat to bench 3x5side
incline curls drop set 10,8,8

simplifying squat day to give more time to working on cues…one day I hope to put my big boy pants on.


Warmup meadows rows 3x10
Paused BP 3x190, 3x225, 7x250 ( +1rep PR) 2x260
Seated straight bar cable row 10x110,120,130, 8x140
Lying Tricep Ext 3x10
Standing Single Arm Pushdown 3x10
Front Plate Raise 3x10

didn’t feel like I had a lot of umph this AM, tight from squats but worked through it…looking forward to deload in a week and a half…need to let things settle down…


Incline tmill 5min
Stat Bike 20 intervals ( 10sec sprint, 20 sec cruise)

3x Circus

Side cable chops 8 side
Face pulls 8
OH rope Ext 8
Hanging Knee raise 8
DB Row and raise W 8
Weighted plank w/35lb plate 35 sec
Suitcase carry w/50lbs 80 paces
Cable laterals 10

2 minutes rest between



Did my final session with the trainer who kicked my arse…took a two hour break afterward and then went to the gym.

Fat BAR CGP Paused 5x225, 5x240, 2x260
OHP 6x95, 6x120, 10x145 ( +2repPR) stoked…pin presses are definitely helping that bottom acceleration !!!
Pin Press Seated 5x115, 5x125, 5x135


Trap Bar 5x290, 5x330, 5x375 I didn’t want to do reps so I called it at 5. I wanted to play with bands

started at 4x230 plus the band and worked up 2x360 (+50lb band) I was deadlifting for nearly an hour trying to figure out that right weight…Now I have to figure out how I want to program them in

In between sets of DL I needed something to do and the incline kept calling me…

Incline BP 4x165,185,205,225 2x235, 1x240 all paused.


That’s some serious work.


Thanks Mr. Crippler

Incline Tmill 10 min
Stat Bike 10 intervals 20 sec sprint, 40 sec cruise

3x Circus
Side cable chops 8
Hanging knee raise 8
Abductor mach 5 with 5 count hold
Face pulls 10
Oh rope Ext 8
W raises 8
Weighted plank 35lbs 40sec
Suitcase carry 50lbs 80 paces

1 min rest between rounds…


Catching back up. Good stuff. Fat BAR CGP look real good.


Thanks Harry, reading your log it sounds you have had an absolutely miserable ( wink, wink) time of it…you really need to get away and relax !!


Stuck here till Christmas time. Good thing already have 5 meets line up so something to occupy my time.


Harry - best of luck in your meets

Warm-up Meadows row 3x8
Paused BP 5x205, 3x230, 4x260, 5x225, 5x235, 4x245
Straight Bar seated row 3x10x100 with 2 count hold
Straight bar pushdown 3x10
Floor Press 5x225, 5x245, 3x255
BB curl 3x8


Warm-up Kettlebell squat 3x7
Trap Bar DL 5x330, 3x375, 5x420
Banded Trap Bar 3x4x320, 3x3x340, 2x360 all with 75lb band
Seated Hammie Curl 3x15

OHP 5x125, 3x145, 6x160, 2x170
Banded OHP 5x95, 5x115, 5x125, 4x135 with 2 40lb bands
Fat Bar Paused CGBP 5x225, 4x245, 2x265, 2x1x275
Seated Pin Press 5x115, 5x125, 5x130, 4x135, 3x140, 2x145
DB laterals 4x8
DB rev fly 3x12
Cable single arm lat pull 4x10
Chins did somewhere between 30 and 40 chins throughout the session

did extra pressing cause I am now in deload !!


Damn, that’s some strong work.


^agree. What’s that trainer’s phone number? Maybe your pharmacist’s too?


Thanks Mr. Crippler you are most kind. Just trying to keep up
Biker - Thanks , its the same number …1-800 Budweiser !


Ho Ho Ho