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Canary in a Coal Mine


still marveling at the 360x10 trap dead.

deadlift and 10 just doesnt work for me.
I see some really good pressing in here too
nice work


Hey Kev hope you are doing well… Haven’t you heard… Trap Bar deads are the new cardio !!


Z press 8x95, 6x115, 4x135, 3x140, 2x145, 2x150, 1x155
db lateral 3x8
Cable lying rev fly ( no idea what its really called but hit rear delts) 3x10
straight arm pulldown 4x10


Trap Bar deads are the new cardio, huh?


Always pulling out some impressive work.


Hop on the train to heart healthy brother… for added bonus do them hungover… it turns your melon into mush!!!


Mr Crippler, coming from you most appreciated!




Trap Bar 2x3x135, 3x225, 3x315, 2x375, 1x420, 1x450, 1x460 (PR)

That’s it, packed up and walked out…


1 x 460.


Damn! i need a trainer!


Sets PR, drops mic, errr, I mean bar, and walks out…Nice!


Great work on the PR!!!


Thanks Mr. Crippler…just massaging my ego!


Paused BP 5x135, 4x185, 3x225, 1x250, 265,270,275, 280 ( PR)

Chins and pullups various grips 5,5,5,4,5,6,5

Seated OHP pin press 5x95,115,125, 3x135 think I like Z press better but its a good change so I think I’ll sprinkle these in

Incline DB curl drop sets 3 starting at 30lbs


You and your PRs. Need to enter some meets here.


Nah, I’m happy with what I am doing…


warmup Snatch grip DL 3x3x185

Squat 5x185, 5x202, 5x225, 3x245, 2x255, 1x265 1x275 paused. 3x3x225, 3x5x135
just working on cues from the trainer

Box jumps 10x5
single leg squat to bench 5x5

275 paused was my best rep of the day…lots to do…


Check the Ben Bruno 12/24/14 “100 Rep trap bar workout” in the presently advertised articles.

Maybe consider changing your moniker to “PR”?


hahaha…I just read that article … Ill save that for a few cycles from now as it says you shouldn’t squat during the program and fixing my squat is priority one…but it would be an interesting challenge…thanks for the heads up.


warm up Meadows rows 10x25, 8x50,8x75

Paused BP 5x180, 5x205, 9x235,3x255, 5x1x265
straight bar seated cable row 10x90,100,110,120
single straight arm pushdown 3x8
floor press 6x225,235

not a lot of pop today more or less grinded through it… gym was freakin’ cold…the bars and plates were awful


You’re looking good as always. I tried to sign up for the meet in April a couple weeks ago but it had already sold out. Can’t believe how quickly it filled up.