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Canary in a Coal Mine


one circuit = one act and it is damn circus!

Trap Bar 5x275,5x320, 10x360 (rep PR+1) RPE 8.5
Incline DB 10x60,70,75
meadows rows 3x6x75
Cable single arm lat pull 3x8side

Gym not opening til 5am now really screws me up… that lost 1/2 hour kills my routine… going to have to reconfigure my workouts fit… at 275 for deads I thought no way will I hit 5 @ 360 today…hip ached, hammie sore, elbow cranky…just one of those mornings and the bar was moving so slow off the floor I thought man this is awful…so those 10 reps might be Guinness record for slowness!


Don’t depreciate 10 x 360. Great work.


Thanks Biker, I don’t in fact I appreciate that I get to do this stuff… But it was extremely slow off the floor, like make yourself coffee slow!


So? Not worth it?


Biker- its was just a comment…

OHP 5x125, 5x145, 5x165
DB Farmers 3x80paces x50s
BB hip Thrusters 3x8x275
Weighted back ext 3x10x60
Scrape Curl 3x8
Incline curl 3x8


Sucks about the gym time change. I like the look of your full body workouts. I need to change things up and do something like that at some point.



Paused BP 3x185, 3x210, 9x235 (Rep PR +1) RPE 8.5, 4x250, 1x265
Floor Press 5x225, 5x235, 4x245
Seated straight bar cable row with 3 count hold 3x8
Face pulls 3x10
standing cable chest fly 2x8
seated neutral grip machine row 3x8

felt fast


Trap Bar 5x315, 3x360, 7x410 ( RepPR +4) RPE 8.5
Single leg RDL 3x8 wobbly
single leg seated hammie curl 3x10

gym opened late, that is all I had time for…


Some of my best workouts were when I was pressed for time. Big basic exercises and move quickly. But being pressed for time every workout just sucks. Sorry bro.


The letters PR just leep coming up in this log!


They sure do.


OHP 5x145, 3x165, 1x185, 1x190 ( PR +5lbs)
Z press 3x8x105
straight arm pulldowns 5x10
single arm DB OH ext 2x12
cable lateral 2x10
scrape curl 2x8

time to reset OHP and look to build reps between 140-165lbs.


There they are again! Congrats OG!


Thanks CL, gotta make hay while the sun shines.

Incline Tmill 10 min
Stat Bike Intervals 11 ( 20 sec sprint, 40 sec cruise)

Circus 2x

Pallof Press 3 side
Abductor Mach 5 with 5 count hold
Hip Ext Mach 10
Plank 1 min
Bird dogs 5 side
Push ups 10
Low to high cable chops 8
face pulls 8
OH cable ext 8



Paused BP 5x195, 3x225, 6x250 ( +1rep PR) RPW 8.5, 2x265, 1x275
Pendlay rows 5x135, 165,185, 4x205
Floor Press 6x225, 5x245, 3x255
Standing single arm row 2x10side
Seated straight bar cable row w/4count hold 6x80, 6x100
Incline Paused 12x135, 5x175, 3x205, 1x215
cable curl 2x8
Scrape Curl 1x10



Squat 4x5x175, 2x225. working on the cues from the trainer…chest up , knees out, heels
Single leg hammie curl 5x10
single leg squat to bench 4x5side


275 bench here.


My trainer keeps telling me the same thing :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Incline Tmill 10 min
Stat Bike 10 intervals 20 sec sprint, 40 sec cruise

Circus 3x no rest

Abductor Mach 5 with 5 count hold
side cable chops 8 side
facepulls 8
Oh ext 8
Hip ext mach 8
side plank 30 sec ea
bird dogs 10
Preacher curl mach 10

done…good for the heart


CL- for xmas my kids gave me 5 training sessions with the guy who trained them in HS and college during off season lifting and conditioning…Trying too fix my pitiful squat