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Canary in a Coal Mine


Good workout.


Thanks Mr. Biker

Trap bar 410x3 ( rep PR +2)

OHP worked up to 185 (=PR) 0x190 I had it…I blasted it past the sticking point at the top of my forehead, but couldn’t lock it out and started shaking so I slammed it into the rack to prevent skull damage…It was 7/8ths of the way there.damn it …135x11 ( rep PR +1)
weighted back ext 2-12 x70
incline curl 2x10 x25s slow eccentric

First time trying multiple reps above 400…I called it at 3 but I would say that was an RPE of 8…on OHP I either should have taken a longer rest after 185 or probably an even better course of action would have been to grow a pair, skip the 185 and rock 190…such a dumbass!!


You said you were going hit some PRs by the end if the year. Looks like you damn sure got it done! Congratulations! Well… all except the dumbass part🤣
Happy New Year OG🍻


Thanks Kid ! Happy New Year to you and Yours ! as for the dumbass part…I’m good at it ( hahaha)


Warmup snatch grip DL 5x2x225
Squats 5x185, 5x210, 10x235
Incline Db’s 10x50,60,70
Meadows rows 3x6sidex75
floor press 3x5x225
OH db ext 15X55, 12x60, 10x65
face pull 2x10

Gym opened up at 5 instead of 4:15 so I was really rushed but its in the books and we are off and running in 2018


185 OHP. This reads like you’ve grown an extra pair.

I have a lot to do to catch up with you.


thanks… I hope to lift half what you do when I am our age…


Incline tmill 6 min
Stat Bike Intervals 10 min ( 20 sec sprint, 40 sec cruise)

Circus 3x

Pallof Press 3 ea side with 15 sec hold
Abductor Machine 5 with 5 count hold
Adductor machine 8
Machine curl 10
Hip Ext Machine 12
Single leg alternating plank 2ea side x 15 sec hold
Cable chops 8 side


A 185 OHP is 40 lbs away from 2 plates. Maybe…


hahaha…I don’t think at 170lbs and my ability that is in the cards…it just took a whole year to go from 180 to 185…Im close to 190 but the OHP is so fickle I could be close for a year or more…plus for 4 months out of the year my focus shifts to sprinting . Its not that lifting gets dropped or even put in the back seat but it gets moved over to make room for sprinting which stalls gains…having said that, having a BW triple albeit at 170, is more than thought I would ever do so who knows…


Today 3s day

warm-up Weighted neutral grip chins 3x3, 1x5 all plus 25lbs

OHP 3x135, 3x155, 3x175… got way out of the groove and had to fight the 3rd rep… as I started the 3rd I thought for sure I was banging on 4 reps…not so fast mister ! finished with 3x4 with a 4 count eccentric @135

Zerchers worked up to a double at 225…So I’ll start my rep work next session at 175…knees were very achy but after 2 sets of zerchers they felt awesome

BB split Squat 3x6sidex115…
Incline DB Curls 3x8 slow eccentric.


Trap Bar 2x3x230, 3x300, 3x340, 8x380
Triple Pause Press 5x165, 5x190, 3x205, 3x215, 2x225
Standing single arm DB press 10x40,45
Seated straight bar row with 3 count hold 4x6
cable laterals 2x8
face pulls 2x10


I realize the trap bar can make a deadlift somewhat easier, but in my experience not 8 x 380.

The word press and number 225 in same sentence prompts me asking what’s a triple pause press?

Probably got a superman t shirt for Christmas.


Warmup Pendlay rows 6x135,155,165
Paused BP 5x175, 5x200, 10x225 ( rep PR +1) RPE 9, 5x240, 4x250, 2x260
BB thrusters 3x6x225 with 3 count hold
Farmers DBs 80 paces x 50s
Weighted back ext 3x10xbw+90
Z press 8x95, 5x115, 5x125, 4x135


You’re just trying to make the rest of us look bad, aren’t ya?


Unrack, bring the bar down to 3-4 inches off your chest and pause, lower to your chest and pause, press back up to 3-4inches off your chest and pause, finish rep…that’s 1 rep. If you think time under tension and working sticking points is effective training than this has you covered. It kinda combines floor presses, full presses and 2 board presses…


Hahaha, No I’m just trying not to get kicked out of the club…


I seriously doubt that is EVER going to happen!


Incline T mill 10 in
Stationary Bike Intervals 2 min warm up, 10 intervals ( 20 sec sprint, 40 sec cruise), 2 min cool down

Circus 3x

Pallof Press 3 side
Abductor Mach 5 with 5 count hold
cable chops 8 side
Hip ext mach 10
BPA’s 12
Single leg plank 60 sec ( 15 sec alternate ea leg)
Preacher Curl mach 10

1 min rest between circus acts.


Circus acts.