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Canary in a Coal Mine


Starting a new log cause I’m trying something new. A few weeks ago I read an article ( there have been many) on the site about HFT. I have never tried his type of training so here goes. I’m going to try it with Deads first. 5 days a week of DL should be interesting?! The weights will range from 50-70% of max…don’t know if I can keep my ego in check and not pull something heavier.

There are only 2 work sets per day of 5 reps each. You do it for 3 weeks and in week 4 retest max and start over based on that number…I’m going Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sat/Sun…and see how long I last! I’m also going to lighten up on my other lifts and do higher reps.



This sounds interesting. Hope it works for you. Merry Christmas OG!


Watching your progress with interest.




Best of luck. I like the new title.


Thanks All…

DL 2x5x295
BB Hip Thrusters 2x12x135 ( 3 count pause)
Trap Bar (EMOM) 10x2x255
Hammer Curls 2x10

Day 1 is in the books… Clockin’ out



DL 2x5x230
CGBP Paused 4x3x225
Incline DB 2x12x60’s
Fly/Tate combo 2x10
Skull crusher 2x10
Oh DB EXT 2x12

A little creaky this AM…tomorrow will be interesting it’s squat day…and the DL is just a little heavier.

Clockin’ in



DL 2x5x275
Zercher 5x5x165 last rep each set paused
Rev BB lunge 3x6side
Seated Calf Raise 3x12

3 days in a row the umph is sucked out of me… but not looking forward to tomorrow off, I’m afraid Sat could be full of aches and pains. Hoping that by this time next week my body gives out or adjusts!!

Clockin’ out



three days of deads- most people would be feelin it.

I see sleep cold beverages and foods

happy new year


Thanks Kev- And right back at ya !

DL 2x5x210
Pendlay row 5x155,175,185
Seated vbar row 2x12x120
Incline curls 3x10
machine preacher 2x12

It was hard not to do more on DL…so I quickly jumped into Pendlay rows before temptation took over.
DL tomorrow


DL 2x5x275
Javelin Press 10xbar, 2x10x55
Rear Delt fly 3x12
Pullovers 3x10x50
OH front raise w/25lb plate 3x10 with a shrug at the top of ea rep…
Klokov press 3x12xbar

week one of HFT for DL is in the books…feeling ok … probably should have started at 3x week and added a session each week…but we’re in it now so head down and move forward! Pullovers I was supposed to do yesterday…

Clockin’ Out



Happy New Year OG!


Thanks Kid, same to you…


Happy New Year OG.

I like HFT, particularly benching. Interested to see what your final results are.


Happy New Year :tada:


Thanks GV same to you and yours

DL 2x5x295
BB Hip Thrusters 2x10x185 w/3sec hold
Trap Bar (EMOM) 10x2x275
Back ext 2x12x25db

Not a whole lotta pop today , but it counts as

Clockin’ in



Dave- it should be interesting, its harder than I thought it would be


Happy New Year OG

Im curious about your results too


Thanks Kev…

DL 2x5x230
CGBP Paused 4x4x225
Incline DB 2x12x65
Tate/Fly combo 2x10
OH Db EXT 3x9

A little nicked up at this point, but ok…happy with the CGBP…

Clockin’ out



DL 2x5x275
Zercher 5x5x175
Rev BB lunge 3x8side
calf raise 3x15

Yesterday I thought I was going to have to back down to 3x week from joint aggrevation …today I felt good, still some creaky aches but actually had a little giddy-up in the saddle. If my elbow would just settle down I might feel normal.

Clockin’ in