Canadians, World Gym aka Popeye's Kitchener

Hey I was wondering if anyone on here trains at the World Gym (used to be Popeye’s) in Kitchener. I am moving back to the area and want back into lifting and become more serious. I competed in the College University Classic challenge earlier this year and would like to compete more regularly in the future. If anyone is from around the area I’d love to hear back. Thanks.

I don’t know about Popeyes but if you’re looking for lifters to train with, try the Golden Triangle Club. Their contact information is at

Congratulations on competing in the meet. A couple of people that went to see it said it went well and the lifting was pretty solid. I think they said a lot of the kids trained Olympic so there weren’t many squats that were borderline on depth :slight_smile:

Best gym in KW is Randy Roach’s place. He owns a private gym. He wrote a book,
I believe you have to interview to get a membership but it is the best equipped place in the area. Okie Deadlift Bar, Safety Squat Bar, Stones, Pendulum equipment. The place is awesome. You might want to contact him.