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Canadians: Who are you voting for?

Just looking to see what the general feel is on the T-mag forums is as far as the canidates go.

I will probably be voting for Conservative just because I feel the liberals have made to many mistakes and have been in power to long.

I live in the west, so my vote has little impact anyways…but it looks like conservative so far…

What can I say - a socialist at heart. : ) In truth, I’m a big fan of their emphasis on the environment, and I like the incentives for ‘green’ work and production e.g. using CPP to help finance building retrofits. I’d like to see incentives on electric/hybrid vehicles as well. And how about a tax rebate for gym memberships! I think that rewarding more socially conscious behaviour is a lot more effective and acceptable than punitive taxes.

WHAT THE HELL??? I thought it was just me and SKman

Anyways, I don’t follow anything and I believe that my vote is better served by not voting at all, that way I can’t complain, plus I don’t watch any T.V. so I don’t even know what these guys are lying abo… I mean saying they will do.


Liberal: I would rather elect the devil I know then risk going with anyone else!

George W. Bush.

I grew up in Regina too :slight_smile: Just moved out west for university.

Fuck guys, it looks like it’s a real selection of fuckholes this go-round. As much as I hate the way the liberals have been such pussies about a lot of shit, and their gross waste of money, I just could never bring myself to vote for those fuckhole reform/conservative assholes. Fuck, I’m voting for Bill Clinton. He was a good leader…so what if he liked the pussy? Could you trust a man who wouldn’t take advantage of his position to get some ass?

Not voting at all.

To me, true democracy needs to meet 3 minimum conditions:

  1. Proportional representation. You get 12% of votes, you get 12% of seats. Period.

  2. Abolition of the line of party concept, where if the leader says yes/no and all the other party members have to do the same.

  3. Fixed calendar dates for voting. That way the party in power can`t call elections when it feels like it (polls are in their favor).

Until then, we`re just the laughing stock of those in power.

Dan C: you said it. I agree.

However, as a recent Alberta transplant, it might give me some degree of satisfaction to vote in some more Conservatives in from Alberta, just to spite Ralph Goodale, who last week threatened the West with his crap rhetoric that we better vote the Libs or face further “alienation”…

whut a fuckwit. I’m embarrassed to say I grew up in the same province as he.

Anyhoo, like most people agree… Until Canadians grow some balls and start doing what’s right (a la T-Men) we’ll continue to be a haven for those who want to live off of the backs of the working poor.

I got nothing but love for my Canadian neighbors, so don’t take this the wrong way, but you know what would be really ironic?..If a bunch of Americans came on this thread and started telling you who to vote for.

I’m with P22 on this one as well. Kinda hoping for a Liberal minority this time. It’s not like the Liberals have a monopoly on crooked politicians. Chickens will always go missing when foxes guard the henhouse.

Besides, if it had been up to Harper we would have participated in this Iraq mess.

The NDP have some noble ideas but I think they really have no clue on how to run a country.

I am kind of excited because this will be the first election I will be able to vote. I will be voting for the liberal party, regardless of the sponsorship scandal. Quite frankly I believe that the liberals have done a pretty good job in the past decade. They were able to completely restructure Canada’s economy. The Liberals have improved Canadian unity.
One thing I have been a bit weary of is the strained realtionship with our American neighbors, other than that I think Jean Chretien did a pretty good job. As for Paul Martin he has the economic experience that I would prefer in a prime minister.

I do like the Conservative’s stance on some issues and the fact that Stephen Harper has an economic degree. I however will never vote for the Conservatives because of historical events (ie:February 20, 1959); I know that it sounds kind of weird however that decision was so idiotic I can’t believe it was actually made. I’m aware that the conservative party has undergone a lot of changes since then but their proposed economic platform just isn’t logical.

As for the NDP their economic platform is ridiculous. I do like Bob423’s incentives for the advancement of alternative energy sources.

You said it, Smiley. Totally agree.

Yet, as a citizen I still feel the need to represent my nation in the form of a vote. I may make more sense ideologically than a realisticly.

But we as Canadians do need to man up and get rid of these CRIMINALS who govern us (a la NDP Sask.).

Anderson: The difference between canadians telling americans who they should vote for vs. americans doing the same in return, is that canadians are actually aware of who the american candidates are.

I don’t know if I will even vote this time around. I don’t trust Steven Harper at all, my local NDP candidate is a loser and the Liberal candidate is none other than Mr. Goodale himself.


Liberal. Respect remains after the scandal. Seeing how the Tories have horrified my home of NS has reinforced my true Red colour.