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Canadians (Methoxy-7 Tests)

While it still isn’t possible unfortunately to include other international readers in the Methoxy-7 Challenge, I just talked with Tim and he feels it’s workable to make Canadians eligible for the Methoxy-7 Challenge.

The reason why initially this wasn't the case is that the seizure rate from Canadian Customs is pretty high.

The solution is that Canadians will be accepted with the selection process being "blind" to country of residence, but they are at the risk of not getting the Methoxy-7 if their Customs service seizes it. Hopefully everyone will be lucky and actually get their package.

So that's good news!

Thank you sir! I expect that customs won’t be too bad, since we DO get it into Canada already!

Unfortunately, the zip code thingy still won’t work for us. We have 6 digits in our postal codes.

Thanks anyway!

Yes, the fact that a lot of packages do still get in is why Canada is workable though there’s still are risk. In many other cases apparently it’s much worse.

Being unable to fill in the zip code isn’t a problem, so don’t worry about that. Those selected would be asked by e-mail how to address the package.

Hey bill thanks for taking the time to talk to tim about this issue! THe webpage still doesn’t have an Ontario selection and Zip code doesn’t allow 6 characters. Please let us know when this is fixed. I am quite sure that there will be no trouble getting the methoxy to where I live since I just had 8 bottles of Mag 10 come through without any problems! I hope that I get picked. I will even create a nice report using Word and integrating Excel into the mix. BTW i’m going to be joining with the name Krystian (subby on forum), so that you know it’s me! I just wanted to see i’m glad that Biotest is finally including Canadians into the mix. After all Toronto is a huge biotest supporter as far as i’m concerned and we even have the SWIS up here.

I live in Australia and never had a problem with methoxy import as long as I ring customs first. I am prepared to pay for shipping so how about it BILL?

I think it’s great that Bill went to bat for the Canadians. I filled out the form already just in case. I haven’t posted regarding this survey, but I have been paying alot of attention to it. I’m still crossing my fingers.

No customs problems here in Japan…! (Pant, pant)

Thanks Bill!