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Canadians Alpha Male/Carbolin 19?


For all the Canadian members of T-Nation but more specifically the Ontario T-Nation members: Have any of you tried to order Alpha Male or Carbolin 19 19? Did it make it through customs or did you get a letter saying it's been seized? How much was shipping if you did get it? I'm on the verge of ordering either one but I want to make sure than I'm not just burning money. Thanks


SND (sndcanada) carries Biotest products, including Carbolin 19. They're still selling TRIBEX rather than Alpha Male, though.

Normally SND has fantastic prices -- they go rock bottom and turn a hell of a profit through volume. But with Biotest's stuff it's all marked up /way/ beyond the prices in the Biotest store. ZMA goes for $29!


DAMNIT!! I was hoping to get some Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 for a good price!

This is one of the reasons it sucks to be up north. There's no T-Nation here.


I'm in Ontario, I've never had a problem getting Alpha Male or Carbolin 19 or anything else.

Hope I'm not tempting fate!

However, the only thing I never tried to order through customs was prohormones.


Hey Vroom -- how have you found Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male? Have they worked well for you?


Are any Canadian retailers carrying Flameout? I can't afford the shipping with the T-Nation store.



I certainly believe they are.

When I take Carbolin 19 I find that my appetite is increased. Sort of a synergistic effect with respect to bulking.

Alpha Male is harder for me to judge. I am certainly getting old enough where a bit of T boost should be possible. I haven't done blood tests to confirm it or anything though.

I'd say try it. Some people find the effect noticeable, though I rarely do for any supplement. I'm surprised that I get noticeably hungrier on Carbolin 19!


REALLY??! Damn! I've got to get myself some right away.


I am Canadian, I have ordered pro hormones several times, fina several times, and other such products they have never once been ceased by customs. I am living in China and recently sent my buddy in Canada some testosterone propionate and it also made it through customs. I don't think you have to worry about ordering from the states.


Thanks for your help guys looks like i'll be ordering.