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Canadian Wanting to Start Test E

Im turning 33 in a few months and I’ve been wanting to start test enanthate for a long time. I’m in ontario canada so getting some gear is very difficult. i went to my local doctor to check my levels and he said everything for my age is fine and wouldn’t prescribe me anything.

trenbolone enanthate 200mg/ml
t400 test blend 400mg/ml
test enanthate 250mg/ml
seem to be about my 3 options. i was hoping to take 200mg per week on a 12 week cycle. looking for all the info i can get. some ppl have told me to take an estrogen blocker. one of those products says it has it already in there. how do you come off a cycle?? how do i get my natural test to start producing again.id like to run a cycle with as little side effects and have things back to normal I’m the bedroom. I’m sure everyone is scared of things never working again at the end
I’m only 5’5 130lbs. looking to not be small anymore. one step at a time
thanks everyone

Have you bought you Gym membership yet?

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I’ve had a gym membership for a long time

You need to do lots and lots of research before you’re anywhere near a needle. I’m feeling generous (and willing to overlook fact that you’re Canadian) so I’ll throw some things out there and you can use them as a jumping-off point.

-stay away from high concentration testosterone, like the t400; it will cause significantly more pain when injecting and is not worth it
-you recover natura production through pct, post cycle therapy; for this process you need a SERM
-before doing anything you absolutely need to spend a few months making sure your diet is good enough to warrant a cycle; at your size you are very small, unless you’ve got <8% body fat
-go do some independent research and then come back with questions about specific things that you need clarification on; it’s not necessarily a good look to come onto a forum and ask strangers to build a plan for you from scratch while simultaneously walking you through all the things you’ll need to know
-do not listen to anything you read on certain forums; reddit has a whole steroid wiki that lays out basically everything you could want to know and despite their reputation for being a little adolescent in their comments they actually have some very very useful stuff in there

Do some research. Spend a ton of time learning about your diet. Track your macros for a month and just see where you are and then compare it to where you need to be. Basic stuff like that will set you up for the next stage.

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Jesus you old softy.

the main reason i put down that I’m in canada is because of availability. A lot of things ship from other countries or the us and get gobbled up at the border they won’t let them through.
I posted on the forum to get insight on what people have ran and what to do. say I ran this at this dose and it worked well for my first cycle. or i did this and it had a ton of side effects don’t do that.
kind of the same as ronsolo did. just looking for some inout and basic guidance for help

Similar to what others have said, I would personally suggest not starting until you have already built a solid foundation of size and strength. Now I’m not saying get anywhere near your genetic potential, but 5’5 @ 130 seems very small even if you are very lean. My guess and it’s only a guess, but with proper diet and training alone you could gain quite a significant amount of mass in 6 months to a year while learning what your body responds to best as far as nutrition and specific training regimens. After that you would be in a much better position to benefit from a cycle. Now if you absolutely want to start a cycle right away then my suggestion is Test E 250 only. As far ss other things you will need, do some reasearch on Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) my suggestion something like arimidex or Aromasin will work but won’t shut down estrogen super easy like Letrozole will. Consider HCG as this helps the body to start producing test again. Can also stop the boys from shrinking. Then finally look into Post Cycle Therapy aka PCT as this is very important to get the body back to normal hormone levels as soon as safely possible. Two popular PCTs are Nolvadex and Chlomid. Again research all this and learn things for yourself and come with an educated plan you have made for yourself. Then we can critique and help you improve/ do things more efficiently or safely, etc.

Had I not seen the cycle outline and just looked at the stats I would have thought the OP was a female.

If you are indeed a male, you are 59kg… 130lbs. My labrador weighs more than that. No offence but you are in no position to start taking steroids.


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thank you @rookie_mistake. this is the kind of info i was looking for. Yes i am a male. I’ve tried eating everything under the sun. taking mass gainers. but genetically or through my metabolism being through the room i don’t put on any weight. I’ve been this size for 15 years. test may be the only thing that allows me to finally bulk up somewhat.

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I’m Canadian, and live in Ontario. We have one of the best and easiest country’s to get good quality gear. Ugl? Do your research no ones gunna hand it to you. And what the other guys said, don’t touch gear till you have your facts and body ready. Good luck !

Quick reminder: This forum is not a place to get gear hookups or discuss where to find stuff. Trading info to get contacts is not what we’re here for.

You think just pinning gear is going to magically allow you to put on weight? Yeah not how it works, if you dont eat you wont gain weight. You need to be consistantly with eating large amounts, not just do it for a week and wonder why you aren’t gaining weight. You skip a hand full of meals during the week and that’s your calorie surplus out the window.
Anyone that says their ‘matabolism is too high’ is just lazy. Track your macros and calories, do a basic calorie expenditure calculator and eat 20% above that a day and you will gain weight. Leave the AAS until you know how to eat and train, you have absolutely zero need for them.