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Canadian Troops Abducted!


We need to seriously withdraw from these hellholes. Put an international force around the region and simply declare the whole region out-of-bounds. Its not worth one life.



They are just going to piss us off... and when hockey season is over, all bets are off!


This is what the link says.

Canada: Report of troop abduction false

Wednesday, June 7, 2006; Posted: 3:57 p.m. EDT (19:57 GMT)

OTTAWA, Ontario (Reuters) -- Canada dismissed a media report on Wednesday that said some of its troops in Afghanistan had been abducted.

Al-Jazeera television earlier quoted Taliban sources as saying the group had seized an unspecified number of Canadian soldiers. Canada has 2,300 troops in the southern city of Kandahar as part of the NATO force.

"The head count is done. All [the soldiers] are accounted for. The stories were false," said Sandra Buckler, the chief spokeswoman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Since the September 11, 2001, suicide attacks on the United States, 16 Canadian soldiers and a diplomat have been killed in Afghanistan. Polls suggest the country is deeply split over the mission.

Last month, Parliament narrowly backed a two-year extension of the mission to February 2009, despite serious misgivings by many opposition legislators.

Harper says Canada is ready to to take general command of the NATO-led International Security


Well, CNN updates the story during the day, so at one point it simply discussed that reports had been made on Al Jezeera and that those crazy Canucks were trying to see if anyone was missing.


Very glad the report was false and that the troops are safe. I still, however, feel that we should just continually bomb the poppy fields and isolate the region. The guy I adopted said its like another universe.