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Canadian Strongman/Highland Games Equipment


Hello fellow strength junkies,

I'm here to write to you about my new site that I have just completely revamped:


I have been in business for about year now just feeding the local strength community here in Calgary and Edmonton, but am now launching nationally.

The store is comprised of various awesome products that until now, had to be imported from the states.

I carry: Macebells, Sleds, Prowlers (my version is called the Grinder), Heavy Chain, Battling ropes, Jump Stretch Bands, Pro Grade Kettlebells, GHD's, and a boatload of other stuff that myself and my strongman crew use to prep for competions.

Today is the first day I begin my advertising Campaign and I'm hooking up all my forum boys and girls some fat discounts, here are some limited time discount codes:

HUILZ0P98LLEN - 5% off all orders (any size)
S64ACKJOW63N - 10% off all orders over $2,000

Any questions feel free to hit me up on the forum or email me at: bellsofsteel@gmail.com

Ice Age


I hope everything is going well for you. The 2011 Masters World Championships (Highland Games) is in Calgary! Don't know if I'll make this one, but it might be an opportunity for your business.


Everything's going great! Yes I'll be there, my coach (Marshall Ennis) will be competing, I'm looking forward to it!