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Canadian Strongman Gyms?


Anyone have any info on Strongman gyms/competitions in Canada, specifically southern Ontario? I know the Strongfit trials took place a couple weeks ago but other than that I can’t find much of anything else happening in the province. The Ontario Strongman website seems like it hasn’t been updated in a while as well.


Tough as Nails Tour on Facebook and the Ontario Highland Games website has some info. Alot of strongman competitors in my area train at the local YMCA through the week then go to one of their houses on the weekend to train implements. Pretty sure you can contact them through the above mentioned organizations.


Check the fall fair schedules in southern ontario as well. They usually start in august.


There’s a place called Empire Muscle in Windsor is a powerlifting/strongman friendly gym. He has some stones , kegs tires farmers handles and yoke. He hosts some in-house powerlifting meets and has done 2 in house strongman shows. He also was running a strongman focused workout on Saturday afternoons although now I’m winter I’m not sure it’s still on. I would also check the CAASA website . There’s also a place just across the border in Detroit that’s a full service strongman gym and allows drop in’s for 10-15 bucks. Can’t recall the name at the moment. I’ve been looking for a crew or gym for awhile . It’s such a small scene here in SW Ontario


Thank you both for the info! @JoeMo @sinisterdog

I’m a little far from the Windsor/Detroit border (I’m closer to the GTA) but I’ll definitely keep it in mind if I’m ever down that way.



I would think the GTA has something nearby lol check a website called starting strongman . He had a map feature allowing you to search for strongman gyms . It works for Ontario too. Good luck