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Canadian Powerlifting Records


How reliable are these records?


I've never competed at a meet, but I'm interested in doing so. Anyone know of any meets happening in Ontario/Quebec between now and June some time (other than the one in Scarborough in two weeks)?


What do you mean by "reliable"? Yes those are the correct records for that federation as far as I know. However, the 100% RAW is a fairly small federation, so a record can be the result of a great lift, or just the result of no one else lifting in that category.

There's a meet in Toronto in Feb, but I think it is full. You can also check www.powerlifting.ca for CPU meets. There are a lot more of those and they offer a classic division which is effectively the same as 100% raw.


You also have to consider that these records go to the people who both lifted enough to set them AND are willing to pay to have them recognized. So it's very possible that the "actual" records are higher.

For instance, I've set a couple records that you won't see listed simply because, as OBoile mentioned, that particular class is so small it's just not worth paying for.


You have to PAY to have your records documented? You must be kidding me. At USAPL, you just fill out a form and send it in with a copy of the meet results.


You don't have to pay for records to be official in 100% Raw (other than the entry fee). Records count for whatever division you entered in at the contest. You actually don't even have to fill out a form, they update automatically.


I unfortunately lift CPU.... Costs 75$ dollars to set a damn national record... So stupid...


I set nationals records at my last meet, but if I know I myself are gonna break them in the future why would I pay to only have to pay again? so stupid. As nice as it is to have a national record the $75 is definately not worth it to me.


That's why I've never sent in for Provincial records. The only I sent in for were national but then I was topped by another person :frowning:

To the original poster, depending on where you're located, theres a lot of CPU meets which now include raw.

So far Ontario has 5 open meets planned.


How can the CPU justify making people pay to have their records documented? That's ridiculous. Those records only show who's willing to pay rather than who has actually lifted the most weight at a CPU-sponsored meet. And do you have to pay for each new record? For example, I have broken multiple records in one meet. Would you have to pay $75 for each new lift record? I can't believe people tolerate that.


ie setting a squat record, a bench record and a deadlift record in the same meet? I believe you have to pay for each one. Which is why I refuse to send in haha


The money goes for drug testing, which we don't receive any Gov't assistance. Our drug testing is only WADA compliant, which costs big bucks. I think USAPL uses Quest for most of their testing which is cheaper and not WADA compliant. I was told that we use the WADA people due to legal issues.

Arramzy, if you feel that it is so unfortunate to lift in the CPU, then why do you grace us with your presence? So how many records have you gotten and paid a fee? I hope you got tested so you can be ahead of the game knowing it just cost almost a grand.


I was going to write something to this effect. At least regarding the drug testing. The CPU isn't overwhelmed with funding and income. Neither are most of the provincial affiliates. I can only speak directly to Ontario funding. There is an awful lot that goes into the infrastructure of this type of organization that most people on the periphery are not party to or involved in.

I would be thankful that you have the option to register and pay for records and these monies are not just added to annual registration fees. I would also show a bit more grace that we have such a national organization available for competition.

In addition, many people that compete, have no comprehension of the hours of time that many other lifters devote to the sport free of charge to keep things running and the infrastructure healthy. In the past year, I've probably spent at least 300 hours of my time volunteering, running a website, reffing etc. At $20/hour (my work rate) that's $6000. $75 doesn't really compare does it? Multiply that by all the people spending 300 plus hours per year. Unless this is you, suck it up or don't register your record.


Agreed, I've been powerlifting for 5 years, all 5 years in the CPU/IPF, the whining never ceases to amaze me.

To the person that says you pay for each individual record at a meet, if you set more than 1, thats not true..you pay 1 record fee $75, for all of your records at that meet


Good to know!


This is incorrect. You only pay once per contest where records are set, regardless of how many you break in that contest.


Lol... Didn't mean any offense. Was really just a sarcastic comment. Sorry to have offended you. I am happy to lift in the cpu/ipf and plan to continue. All I was getting at is that while I appreciate that it is expensive to test athletes it is sitll unfortunate that many outstanding lifts never get into the official records because of the high cost associated! As a student 75 bucks can be hard to come up with when nationals is already going to be 140 dollars this year. As far as setting records... I can't say I have any at this point. Again, sorry for any offense it was really just a joke. I have no intent to leave the CPU.


Obviously I struck a nerve.

My point is simply that making people pay to register their records is bad practice because the records are probably inaccurate or only represent those who have the extra funds to pay for them, which strikes me as discriminatory.

Also, regarding drug testing. How many people are tested at each meet? I'm going to look into USAPL's drug testing costs. I know it's a financial burden, one that I believe the meet director has to shoulder here.


At approximately $1000 (ish) per test it's too much for our meet directors to bear. Testing is done by CCES and is not dictated by the meet director. The point of the test is not to keep one individual meet 'clean' but to ensure the veracity of the entire sport in the country.

It may seem discriminatory to you and not reflective of actual results and you may be correct. There will always be flaws to a system. Since all our meets are tracked on a central national database, finding out if there are better lifts, is a mouse click away.

As to being discriminatory, we all pay to participate in this sport, like any other. That is just another fee associated with it. Pay it or don't pay it.

You certainly struck a nerve with me. The offhand comment that our system is ridiculous is a bit high handed. Like I stated above, many people work very hard to ensure things run smoothly just like with the USAPL. To have it dismissed with a wave of the hand by an outsider would rankle with many people I'm sure.


Yeah I was looking into the meet in February but I won't be around at that time and it's a little short notice. 100% RAW doesn't have any meets in Ontario scheduled yet but apparently they will be scheduling at least two more this year.

The reason I was a little skeptical about the records is because for my weight class (165 lbs) and age group (18-19) the record is 396 lbs, which doesn't sound right to me. You're probably right though, there must be few lifters in that category.

I'll check out CPU thanks.



Look under upcoming meets. There are 5 from May to August.