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Canadian Order

I’m stoked !
Hey everybody, I just got my order from the superstore. It made it through Customs ok, but the damm GST/PST added another 60 $. Well worth it though. I got 4 Grows, and 4 HotRox, for about 400 CND (+60). Plus the cool tee and bottle. Awesome.

Let us know how it goes with the Hot Rox.

geez! It’s that difficult to get HR into Canada!? 60 extra bucks!?

Yup. We have to pay GST (general sales tax of the federal government) and PST (provincial sales tax) on anything we order from the US. Canadian Customs can be a real pain too when it comes to letting in supps.

MD your not a very good Canadian, you don’t even know what the GST stands for! GOODS & SERVICES TAX! ring a bell?

Good to hear you got your order Zan,

I have yet to hear of anyone having problems with the US/BC border geting their Biotest stuff, pre or post 9/11.

Prisoner #22: Thanks for correcting me. You’re right, I’m a lousy Canadian. holds out wrist for a good slapping

You can buy Biotest in Canada from

Biotest Product Page


I order my Growl from them but I just noticed today they carry Hot Rox.