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Canadian Order Followup

Hey guys, as promised here is my follow-up post about ordering Alpha Male and Red Bands to Canada. I live between Ottawa and Toronto (Kingston for those who are curious) and there was absolutely no problem. And, to my astonishment, the shipping only took 3 days. There was no duty charge, but the taxes were pretty substantial. But even with those things factored in the prices were still better then ordering from a supplement store here in Canada. I’ve been told that everywhere in Canada is different, but people here in Ontario should have no problems getting these awesome supplements across, so order away!

How substantial were the taxes? I’m assuming you’re talking about the customs taxes, and those go by weight right?

Well considering my order was about $475 CAD that’s about $70 of GST and PST right there. Plus the shipping was $45 USD because the package weight around 12 pounds. So with those two things combined you’re lookin at quite a bit of extra cash on top of the order, but still well worth it.