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Canadian online sources for Surge

Okay kids, where are you getting your Surge from and what are you paying? I’ve found SND Canada to have the best all around prices, so that’s where I always go for anything I need. I picked up 2 containers of the stuff on Tuesday for $49.99 Canadian a pop. I also ordered some other stuff, so I got the 5% volume discount and no charge for shipping. As good as this stuff is, it’s expensive. Any cheaper sources in Canada and online?

Some other places (renegadenutrition, eglobalgym) have surge at comparable prices, but their service is poor at best. SND is the best choice, IMHO.

DPS Nutrition sells it for 28.50 a tub. If you buy 4 or more your cost drops to 27.50. That’s the best I’ve found.

Expensive, yes.

Mandatory for post-w/o recovery, yes. Is there a similar product on the market that can match surge in quality? NEGATIVE!!!

I guess I’m sticking with SND. However, since the Canadian dollar has been making a comeback of late, ordering supps from the states is becoming more attractive.