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Canadian Military


I've been reading alot about the American forces and I wanted to know if there were any members of the Canadian armed forces.


Canada has a military :wink:?


Canada HAD a military. Back in WWII days, we had one hell of a military. Trouble is, in the last 10-15 years we've elected one dumbass government after another that keeps taking from the military budget in order to pacify different interest groups, and now our military is an underfunded, underequipped shadow of it's former self.

I'm not in the military, nor have I ever been, so some may dismiss my viewpoints as being uneducated, but I have been looking into it as this is my son's current carreer of choice.


I know you're joking, but honestly, they don't really need a military other than for UN peacekeeping missions and border patrol. They have a built-in watchdog just to the south and no shared borders with any other country. They've known all along that we would never let any enemy invade Canada without stepping in.

Raising and keeping a sizeable military is a VERY expensive proposition for a country. If you don't need one, why spend the money on it when there are other worthwhile recipients of gov't cash?



Canada has a well trained, if small and underfunded miltary.

There has been a lot of bashing lately, but Canadians have aquitted themselves well in WWI, WWII and recently in Afghanistan.

I got drunk with some of the guys from the Snow Birds (Canada's Blue Angels) about 15 years ago in NB. They were pretty cool guys.


What you say is true about WWI and WWII. We have our JTF2 in Afghanistan with several confirmed straegic kills, but that seems to be about all we have right now. We disbanded our Airborne unit, we can't keep our helicopter's in the air, and we buy crappy ass used submarines that catch on fire on the way home.

I'm sure there have been improvements in the last few years, but being as self depreciating as we are, no one will ever know.

The Snow Birds are a great group of pilots, but you sure can't judge the state of our military from getting drunk with a few of them.


No nukes? :wink:


The Canadians must be a little smarter than us, because nobodies attacking them.Zap didnt you know, Snowbirds are the people that go south for the winter.Are you sure those guys were'nt just feeding you a line to get some free drinks out of ya.HAHA


Not the same kind of snowbirds we see head south on I95.

I saw their planes lining the runway when we landed at a little airport in NB. I walked into the hotel bar and saw a bunch of guys in uniform wearing their pilots wings. I bought some beers and they bought a bunch too.