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Canadian Medical Supply Sources


I just received my syringes and needles today, they are 3cc syringes with 22g 1" pins.
Can anyone that has ordered from a certain canadaian med supplies site pm me. I found it strange that they included an Isoflex protein bar in the package. I also received an email that stated the package would go out as Fitness Etc., not the company name, which it did arrive as.

How could the company know what I was using the needles for? Is something up? I am paranoid.


The site in question is not only well known on AAS forums, but also supplies materials used primarily by AAS users/UGL manufacturers, and for few other reasons.

They should, however, assume you are using such supplies for their intended medical purposes. Any deviation from this puts the company in question for consumers, as well as in jeopardy under the law.

Being paranoid might be fun, but it isn't needed here. Just do not order from them again.

Oh, and others very well might point this out, but including the company's name is generally discouraged. Having your question answered to hopefully some extent, you may want to edit this out of your post.



My bad, sorry.


Well, you do know syringes and needles are legal right? I see no issue here. The anti-roid stigma make us paranoid for a good reason, yet how can owning legal stuff be bad for you? I think the cops have bigger fishes to fry.