Canadian Legal Question

Canadian Legal Question. Does anyone know if Androsol (and Mag-10 when its finally released) is illegal in Canada. I’m able to order some online from a certain Canadian supplement distributor, Yet my local GNC (in Montreal) said it was an illegal product. Who is correct? And if it is illegal what is the penalty for possession? Thanks guys… I want to look good nekkid, but not if it means bending over for soap in a “community shower” :wink:

My understanding is that no pro hormone products are legal in Canada (which would include Mag-10). I’ve yet to have any problems getting my Androsol over the border and I think it’s unlikely that we will with Mag-10. In the unlikely event that customs wants to make a fuss about it they may seize the package. Since you are ordering from a CDN source, what are you so worried about? Police have bigger fish to fry than trying to worry about some guy taking some supplements legal here or not… I haven’t heard of anyone in Canada getting busted and prosecuted for illegal supplements.

You’re Right Kyle. Its just sometimes you hear those horror stories (not supplement related) about people getting busted for the stupidest things… Anyways… I just got a little paranoid for nothing… I guess its the other “supplements” I’m smoking :wink:

Where are you ordering from and do they have MAG-10???

Prohormones are illegal in Canada. The dude at your GNC was right; if prohormones were legal, then you could buy them without trouble, right? I get my Androsol from this “certain online distributer” as well, I’m not sure how they get in into the country, but it seems like its not that hard. BTW, Roman, where do you live, train etc? I’m in Montreal too; Plateau, McGill gym.

I think the real issue is that it’s illegal to SELL the product in Canada. I don’t think it’s illegal to have the product for personal use. There’s a big difference.

The legality issues regarding prohormones is with repsect to the selling / distributing of such products. Personal use is not illegal and as an added bonus neither is personal use of anabolic steroids.

Actually they are ILLEGAL in Canada by federal law so GNC is right. But some provinces don’t seem to care about letting prohormones into the country, particularly Nova Scotia. Roman are you ordering from an on line supplement company in Nova Scotia with the initial R.N. ?

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Yes, the “certain online distributor” is from Nova Scotia with initials R.N… The only reason I didnt mention their name wasnt because I’m trying to protect my “source”, its just that I didnt see the need to mention their name. I’ve emailed them about acquiring MAG-10 and they still arent certain if they will be recieving any. Rubberman I live in Verdun and now train at Sequin’s. Its a pretty hardcore place. I like it. I heard the new McGill facility is really posh. I’d like to go there some day. Hey Rubberman, I have a question for you. Have you trained at Claude Robillard’s? Not the fitness center found within, but the Olympic lifting quarters in the basement? Thats sounds really kick ass too :slight_smile:

Hey, I don’t see Androsol listed on “RN”. How do you order it?

You are correct. It isnt posted on their site. I think it might have to do with it being illegal and all;) Anyways, email or call JB@RN and ask him for Androsol. Its the only way you can get it. BTW they’re very quick at returning emails. Hope it helps.

Roman; I moved here for school, so basically I’m a downtown boy - I’ve never trained at Claude Robillard’s, only McGill, LaCite and some other random place St. Laurant & Rachel. McGill is posh, but virtually empty before 2 in the afternoon, so I take advantage. And I only pay 15 bucks/semester.