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Canadian KFC Lovers Rejoice


The Double Down sandwich is coming to Canada Oct. 18!!!!


You aren't missing much; it really isn't that good anyway. That cheese sauce they put on it is awful like cheesy vomit.

Stick with the extra crispy and coleslaw.


I'll stick with not clogging my arteries, thank you very much




I want one. But I'm sure I'll only ever want just the one.

I had the 7 patty BK Bacon Cheeseburger a few months ago and that was a thing I only want to eat once.


Yeah man I've heard so much about this sandwich in the news when it first came out. Definitely something to try once.


No desire to try this.

For a profanely gluttonous food to satisfy, it has to have heavy and proportionate amounts of fat and carbs. Even with the breading, this doesn't cut it. It needs some bread, or pizza crust, or something.



There! Now, we have a balanced meal, with all the four food groups represented (except "Fruits and Vegetables", the gay group)


Therajraj, in the immortal words of someone I just can't remember right now: wft is this shit, for God sake!!!

Please tell me it's not the sandwich you're talking about.....

Edit: Ok, clicked on the link and saw the sandwich.


LMAO. No that's the improved version.

The Double Down involves two pieces of breaded chicken acting as a bun, with two strips of bacon, two slices of Pepper Jack processed cheese and a special sauce


It's for the low-carber


For those who'd like to try this, just check this pic of what mecanically separated chicken, pre-whitening.

Full article here. If you can eat a chicken McNugget after that, you got guts (bad pun totally intended)


LOL! Atkins approved!


It's FIVE major food groups, calories, caffeine, carbohydrates, cholesterol and carcinogens.


So all this time I could've been eating my nuggets with a spoon?


For realz.

It's still chicken, right?

I wonder if I could get more chicken down if I drank it.


Man, honestly living in Canada and watching commercials on American channels we see all these amazing foods flashed in front of us that rarely if ever become available to Canadians. We also get butt raped on fast food prices compared to you guys as well. This is one of the few that actually made it passed customs.

When I was in Alabama for a wedding, I was taken to an all-you-can-eat pizza place that charged $3.99/person... and my cousins had dollar off coupons on top of that.

Someone better call Amnesty International on these fuckers.


It looks good, except for the cheese, sauce, and bacon. Does the grilled version have more cholesterol than the breaded version or am I reading that chart wrong?

Oh well, cholesterol just turns into test in the body... amiright?


These are the nuggets you get in the big ass bags in the freezer aisle at the grocery store. They add soy flour and thickeners too.

McDonalds doesn't process their chicken this way anymore. Not since the mid-90s I believe. They use real actual chicken meat in their nuggets now.