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Canadian IPF SHW Bench Record

At the Ontario Bench Press on Sunday I realized a long-time goal: I set the Canadian National IPF SHW Bench Record!!!

I had a good meet, going 275kg (605lbs x 3white), 285kg (626lbs x 3white), and 292.5kg (644lbs x 2white)

The record had previously been 280kg (616lbs)

I was wearing a fairly-loose Titan F6.


Congratulations bro! Well done!


That is a mighty bench press. congrats!

Congrats man.

Awesome! It’s always great to see our fellow citizans do amazing things. Very inspiring!

congrats. Hope to see you at the nats in april

I was there W.E.C. I was watching my brother compete in the 82.5 jrs division.

Good lift buddy. Some strong dudes there. What are your raw numbers like if you dont mind me asking??

Any idea where guys that compete in the 90kg division stand as far as raw benching goes?

Just wanna see where i would stand with some of these guys.

Congrats W.E.C.!

That’s awesome, great job!